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crab safari in June

i'm really interested with crab safari trip but my time of visit is in June. would there still be any tour offered during summer and is it worth it? would there be plenty of crabs around with affordable price during summer as it is quite out of season i think.

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Hi Rocket,

I plan to do it this June but most likely my husband would opt out from it since it might not fit our budget and travel itinerary. i prefer to do this though than visiting another cities :(
if you're doing the cruise in finnmark region, i think this is one of the highlight activity to be done. in winter, it would be more interesting as you'd walk on ice and they cut out hole in the ice and catch the crab from the water beneath the ice.

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The Barents Sea (Norwegian: Barentshavet) Red King Crab apparently came about when the Russians introduced the species into the Murmansk Fjord area of the then Soviet Union. Apparently the crabs migrated to Norwegian waters. the Norwegian's joke that even the Russian crabs were escaping from the Russian tyranny seeking Norwegian freedom.

Some ecologist are concerned that the Russian Crabs are damaging the Barents Sea ecology by interfering with the native biodiversity. Apparently the Russian Crabs, being an foreign invader, do not have natural predictors. So that said, I hope you and your spouse prey on the Russians and can eat as many of the Russian invader as you can handle.