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Best 4 day cruise to St. Petersburg from Helsinki?

My family and I are going to spend a few days in Helsinki (this is where my son wanted to go for his high school graduation trip) and really want to go to St. Petersburg since we are so close. After reading all the options, we want to do the 4 day cruise so we don't have to get a visa. I see there are many different cruise lines offering this option. Can anyone recommend a particular cruise line?

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Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you but I would like to know more about the possibility of a visa-free visit to St. Petersburg. I will be in Helsinki in early June and would love to add a short visit to Russia to my trip.

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Check out the St. Peter Line for Visa Free travel to St. Petersburg. I also saw a package on I haven't gone yet but someone I know from work did this trip in Nov 2015. Check the schedule as my local travel agent said the version of the trip I want (one night in St. Petersburg and 2 nights on the boat) only leaves Helsinki on Wednesdays.