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Arriving in Helsinki and from there? If I have 4 days..

Hello, I am arriving from St. Petersburg to Helsinki on a Saturday in Aug. and after 4 days I have to take a cruise to go to Stockholm. I was wondering what will be my best option?. Take the ferry and go directly to Taillin and spend 2 nites there and back to Helsinki 1 and 1/2 day and take the overnight cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm? OR Stay in Helsinki for 2 nites, go to Taillin for 1 1/2 day and take the cruise to Stockholm from Taillin?... Solo traveler, I want a fun cruise, best scenes on the cruise, and enjoy that Sat and Sunday wherever is more life. Thanks!

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You won't be sorry if you spend 2 nights in Tallinn, it's a beautiful town with a wonderfully preserved medieval old town area, and plenty to do and see with that amount of time. I spent a week there, and only a long day trip to Helsinki, so not sure what Helsinki's night life is like.

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We basically did option #2 about 2 weeks ago, and liked they way it worked out. We actually spent 3 days in Helsinki and took the ferry to Tallinn, spent a couple of days there, and then took the overnight ferry to Stockholm to catch the Rick Steves Best of Scandanavia tour. We loved both Helsinki and Tallinn. I would highly recommend staying in the old city in Tallinn, specifically the Savoy Boutique. They treated us really well and we have a fruit and cheese plate waiting in our room every night and the breakfast we delicious, plus the locations was perfect. We stayed at The Hilton in Helsinki, which was also very convenient and have terrific breakfast and a great view. For the ferry we used the Silja Line. It was pretty much one big party on the way to Stockholm, for what it is worth.

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Thanks so much for your advise. I will go Spend 2 nights in Taillin and 2 days in Helsinky....taking the ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm..