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3 weeks - Finland and the Baltics - itinerary feedback please

Hi, I have 3 weeks in Aug/Sept.
This is what I've narrowed it down to:
5 nights Helsinki
Ferry to Tallinn for 5 nights
Fly to Riga for 5 nights
Fly to Vilnius for 4 or 5 nights
- any airlines besides ariBaltic that flies direct?
- I don't want to take the bus b/w the Baltic states
- I plan on doing day trips
- I had thought of starting in Stockholm but I might not have enough time.
So far, the comments have been that I can enjoy a leisurely trip OR that I can afford to shave off a night or two in most cities
- I don't want to rush and jump from one place to the next
- I want to learn about the countries, I enjoy history, art, architecture, museums, concerts,...
What do you think? Any recommendation, suggestions?

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I've been to Helsinki and Tallinn, but not Riga or Vilnius. They are absolutely worth seeing - I loved both places - but I'm doubtful that either Helsinki or Tallinn warrants five nights, even at a leisurely pace.

I had four nights in Helsinki and took one day trip to Turku and Naantali. I'd recommend doing that, but give yourself enough time in Naantali to really enjoy it. (I didn't get there until too late in the afternoon.) There are undoubtedly other worthwhile day trips, but you might find yourself ready to move on after three or four days.

I only spent one night in Tallinn, arriving early morning on the ferry from Stockholm, and leaving late afternoon the next day on the ferry to Helsinki. I saw a lot in that amount of time. I explored the old town very fully, took a city bus out to the Song Festival Grounds, and walked from there to Kadriog Park and spent a few hours at the Kumu Art Museum. I wasn't rushed at all.

Personally, with 20 nights, I'd cut at least a day off each other destination and spend the first 4 or 5 nights in Stockholm. Especially as a lover of the arts and architecture and history. There's so much of all of that there.

I don't think you'll feel rushed adding a fifth destination with the time you have, but you should gauge what is best for you.

Have a great trip!

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I really liked the low-key vibe of Helsinki, but 5 nights would be a stretch. Maybe fill in some time with trips to Turku or Porvoo.

Same thing with Vilnius. A gem of a city, but I couldn't imagine spending more than 3 nights there.