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Just returned from 2 weeks in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (and Warsaw)
Frances 0
Why visit Estonia, why should I drive there, and which car rental solution?
nsantana 0
Pärnu lodging- recommendations?
David 0
Review for Koidu 20 Apartment
astodd 0
Tallinn Trip Report (crosspost)
Dav 0
Riga Trip Report (crossposted)
Dav 0
Riga to Vilnius Trip Report (Crossposted)
Dav 0
Four Days in Vilnius Trip Report (crossposted)
Dav 0
Cruise from Stockholm to Tallinn
Karin 1
Where to stay in Estonia
jblaik 1
Christmas in Tallin
chefkim68 1
Accommodation suggestions
astodd 1
COVID protocols in Estonia?
Dan 1
Estonia and Latvia - mosquitos and/or biting flies
plj5512 2
Kaunas, Vilnius, Riga & Tallinn in 9 days
Sienna 2
Estonian Open-Air Museum
Northwest... 2
Matryoshki (nesting dolls) available in Tallinn?
Jim 2
Car rental from Tallinn
Maureen 2
We had a FANTASTIC tour guide in Tallinn, Estonia
cindi 2
Saaremaa and Hiiumaa
David 2
Electric plugs for use in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland
Tony Caliendo 2
Rick Steves' Walking Tour in Tallinn
suekay3 2
Estonian Song Festival in Tallinn
gregoryabell 2
Where to park car in Tallinn while taking train to Russia for 5 days?
mary 2
Best transportation from Tallinn to St. Petersburg
scot.dailey 1
Things to Do and See in Estonia
Frances 1
Vaccines recommended for the Baltic countries
Darby 3
Ferry to Helsinki for the day
Kathleen 3
Efficient frugal way to get from Chicago to Helsinki or Tallinn & Iceland then back...
Mac 3
Nice long daylight hours for my trip - are business open longer hours usually?
Frances 2
HOHO operator in Tallinn
domwild 3
How to split up my time...
andrewwrome 3
Walking in Estonia
marciaksmith 3
Private Tour in Tallin?
Maria 3
Is Tallin worth 2 nights?
Bill 3
Tallin on Sundays in January
aviemore74 3
Day in Tallinn
Neil J 3
Hotel Options-Amsterdam
boblhed 3
Riga, Latvia
ola 4
3 weeks Finland and Baltics - Itinerary feedback please
Hilda 4
Stockholm->Tallinn->Helsinki vs Stockholm->Helsinki->Tallinn
Carlos 4
Folk Music Venues?
Dav 4
Tallinn Hotel?
Richard 4
Best transportation from Copenhagen to Tallinn
scot.dailey 3
Hotel recommendation in tallin
jtridle1 4
Lithuanian heritage research
cparadowski 5
Difference: Lower Old Town Tallin and Upper Old Town Tallin
Maggie 5
Posh Picnic in Tallin
mc_lester 5
Itinerary advice: Stockholm to Helsinki to St. Petersburg to Tallinn to Copenhagen....
Brenda 5
Tallin Visit
Jon 5