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Tallin touch and go

we will arrive in Tallinn by ferry from Helsinki at 11:15 am.
We will take the ferry back to Finland the same day at 6:30 pm.
Do you say that a bit over seven hours is too little, and that it is foolish this touch-and-go to get a taste of Estonia?
Or is it still worth it?

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Do you say that a bit over seven hours is too little

Yes, but it's better than nothing. What does the rest of the trip look like?

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This would not be my first choice, but you will have time to see Old Town. You don’t say when this trip will take place. If it’s in the summer and if there are several cruise ships in port, Old Town will be crowded. It is so nice when it’s less busy.

The port is close to Old Town. You could walk or there are transportation options. We walked to the ferry from our hotel in Old Town with our suitcases with no problem. You can buy tram tickets on line in advance so you don’t waste time when you get there.

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I loved Tallinn, so it would be worth it to me. The old town is beautiful and charming. I took an overnight ferry from Stockholm, which gave me plenty of time to stroll around and have a nice lunch.

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As others have pointed out, Tallinn is a lovely city, so going there, even for a short
time, is better than nothing. But my recollection is that the ferry boat prices are
fairly static, so if that is still the case, you could decide on the spur of the moment
whether to take a day trip or not. Nice weather, yes. Lousy weather, no, since you'd
be outside walking a lot of the time.