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Nice long daylight hours for my trip - are business open longer hours usually?

I had forgotten that I will have so many more daylight hours for my trip.
Starting next week, Tallinn sunsets are close to 9:30PM.
That will be wonderful.

As a general rule are shops, museums, walking tours, etc open longer hours also?

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Some shops in the touristy Old Town are likely to be open longer (the ones in the Town Square area that cater to tourists, and the artisan crafts shops seem to close around 6), though museums likely won't be. I was there in early Sept and ventured out to the downtown area (very safe, no worries) and found their dept stores and malls are open til 9, just like here. My first night there it got dark about 8:30 and I could hardly stop my happy wanderings through the Old Town, each street more enchanting than the last, peering in shop windows and planning what I wanted to see more of.

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Thanks Christa - I'm really looking forward to this trip. I leave Monday.