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Cruise from Stockholm to Tallinn

Does anyone have experience on these cruises? I have questions…

  1. If you book a buffet for dinner, do you need to book a table reservation also?
  2. On the way back, a family room wasn't available, the Class A room says 1-4 people, but I am not sure that includes beds for 4…Is our only option to book 2 rooms for the return (2 adults + 2 teenagers)
  3. Is it cheaper to book a hotel from the cruise web site or book your own hotel?

Thanks in advance for helping!

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Hi, Karin. I don't expect that any of these concerns will turn out to be problems. We normally would book our own hotel. Hotel rates are often negotiable, and hotels appreciate not paying a commission to another booking company. If you are booking for 4 people on an overnight boat, then I'm sure the room they are showing you will have 4 beds. In our general experience on ferries, getting a table in the buffet area was not hard, and we'd expect that to be covered by the buffet reservation. However, if there's a way to reserve a window seat during dinner, then some people might pay extra for that.