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Attractions East Of Downtown Tallinn

Does anyone have any opinions about the attractions to the east (& north) of Tallinn's city center? While I definitely want to spend time in the Old Town, I'm kind of intrigued with Pirita, Maarjamäe, the Botanical Gardens, the Teletorn, the National Library of Estonia & others. I'm not really interested in Kadriorg or the Kumu.

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If you want to see a bit of modern Tallinn, Telliskivi north of the railway station is worth a visit.

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These are things I have on my target list for the (roughly) east side of town. I haven't been to Tallinn yet and it's not going to happen until next year. Most of this information was gathered in fall 2019 from books published in earlier years, so it may no longer be accurate. The bus numbers might be helpful, or they might be wildly misleading.

  • This is just barely E of Old Town, but I am intrigued: Hotel Viru, Viru valjak 4, the old communist showplace hotel with fun KGB tour that describes how visitors to the hotel were monitored. Tour open to non-guests. Kitschy but fun. The tour also goes to top floor for great views over Tallinn. Photo hint: go down one floor and walk out on smoking balcony for stunning views of Old Town.

  • Elegant residential streets near S entrance of Kadriorg Park. The park itself has a popular Japanese Garden that might be of interest even if the art museum is not.

  • Russalka Memorial, just N of Kadriorg Park, on coast. For Russian military ship that sank in 1893.

  • Song Festival Grounds (Lauluvaljak), NE of Kariorg Park: Open-air theatre used for festival every 5 years. Open long hours. Watch the documentary: . Bus 1A, 5, 8, 34A or 38.

  • Maarjamae loss (Maarjamae Palace)— Eesti ajaloomuueum (branch of Estonian Historical Museum), Pirita tee 56, Pirita: Neo-Gothic bldg. Covers late 19C onward; text-heavy. Main hall has art intended for never-completed Museum of Soviet Friendship, including frescoes featuring gymnasts. Tue-Sun 1000-1800. €8 (covered by Tallinn Card) Buses 34A and 38 run from underground bus platforms at Viru Keskus Mall to the Pirita area.

  • Old Soviet Sculptures, Pirita tee 56, behind Maarjamäe palace, Pirita: Tue-Sun 1000-1800. Free.

  • Estonia’s Victims of Communism Memorial, Maarjamae; main entrance from Pirita Rd: New outdoor memorial and information on individual victims. Bus 1A, 5, 8, 34A or 38, Malestusvalja stop.

  • Soviet War Memorial, Prita tee, just N of Maarjamae loss, on coast. German cemetery behind memorial. Bus 1A, 5, 8, 34A or 38.

  • Pirita klooster (St. Bridget’s Convent), Merivalja 18, E of bridge across Pirita River: 15C; in ruins, but facade is “hugely impressive” and reminiscent of merchants’ houses in Old Town. Bus 1, 1A, 34 or 38 (DKE lists 1a, 5, 8 and 34) from Viru valjak. Daily 1200-1600. SBL. €2.

  • Teletom (TV Tower), Kloostrimetsa 58a: Good views from observation deck. Site of 1991 stand-off with Soviet troops. Bus 34a or 38.

  • Botaanikaaed (Tallinn Botanical Garden), Kloostrimetsa tee 52, Pirita, ESE of Convent: “Rather wonderful palm house” (called the main attraction by DK Eyewitness Guide), alpine garden, rock garden and rose garden. Rare orchids and fascinating cacti in greenhouses. 4-km nature trail on grounds. Paths to garden from S side of road, just beyond Kloostrimetsa bus stop. Daily 1000-1900. €5.50 (TC) Buses 34A and 38 from underground bus platforms at Viru Keskus Mall.

  • Lasnamae, 5 km E of OT: District built for Russian emigrants; Soviet architecture. DK Eyewitness Guide says “little of interest” but “intriguing glimpse” of area few tourists see. Bus 67 or 68 from Teatri Valja across from Solaris shopping mall every 10 or 15 min. Takes 25 min. one way. SBL.

There's also this to the S of town:

  • Nomme, 5 mi. S of Tallinn: Beautiful residential district with post-1872 summer villas and spacious gardens, worth exploring (DKE). Historic center, outdoor market, cafes, restaurants, good museums. Buses 14, 18, 33. The Kristjan Raud Museum shows are by Raud. There's also the Baron von Glehn Castle, Vana-Mustimae tee 48, which is closed but has an impressive exterior and statues in the surrounding park.
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Suur tänu (thanks a lot), acraven! Most of your list is on also on my list. I'm still well in the planning stages - I'm shooting for May or June of 2023. I was in Tallinn in 1998, but it was merely a long day from Helsinki & I stuck to the Old Town. If I get to choose, Hotel Viru is high on my list of places to stay. It's kind of close to the ferry port (I'll be coming to town from Helsinki & going on to Stockholm probably). And it's close to one of my favorite Old Town attractions, the Viru Gates. I'm leaning towards traveling with Nordic Visitor - their 'comfort' (= cheaper) choice of hotels is the Radisson Blu Sky. I know that there is a hop-on, hop-off bus line that hits many of the sites I'm interested in.