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anyone concerned with travel to this area in the next 2 months?

I'm hearing all the news about Russia and their recent moves to neighboring areas.
I am booked on a tour to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania starting mid-May for about
2 weeks..............a bit concerned. I realize that no one can predict the future - but????
Any info would be appreciated.

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My husband is concerned with travel to Europe in general this summer due to events in Russia, and especially as we are planning to visit Finland and possibly Estonia. Our solution was to purchase trip insurance with a cancel for any reason policy.

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  1. Review a list of NATO nations.

  2. Review why NATO was formed.

  3. Review the notion that an attack on one is an attack on all.

  4. Press on.

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Thank you all for your replies - I'm feeling much better about it
and I will "Press On"
I'll post a trip report when I return.

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I was just in both Riga and Tallinn last week (and also Helsinki, worth mentioning as the Finns are also keeping a very sharp eye on things), and I had zero problems whatsoever. There were a couple people from the Latvian military double checking passports at the airport, but that was the most unusual event that occurred during my time there.

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Thanks Jamie - I'm feeling much better about this trip after all the positive responses.