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Wired headphones?

Hi....we are booked for the Best of London 6/26 through 7/2. A pre-tour email today we received today mentioned that we need to bring "wired headphones" to use with the Audio Guide System. BUT....Apple phones (at least the newer ones) do not have a headphone port! It uses wireless headphones with a Bluetooth connection. Any idea why they are saying "wired headphones"? Will my Apple AirPods work?

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The guides use a "whisper" system when they are guiding. They basically speak into their unit and you listen through the ones you have. These need a wired headphone or earbud. They are not set up for wireless.

You can buy cheap earbuds anywhere.

They used to hand them out with the whisper. Perhaps they stopped.

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3 posts phone does NOT have a headphone port in which to plug in wired headphones/earbuds. No newer Apple phones do. Thus, my question.

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I jumped the gun with my reply.
I was assuming the commentary is via cellphone.
A quick Google of the Tour Guide System shows customers having individual receiver units hopefully someone will confirm that

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I guess that's my other question. Is it via phone, or is there a device we are given, or are there headphone ports hardwired onto the bus itself.

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I just got back from a RS tour. The guide will give you a small receiver that hangs around your neck or fits in your pocket. It comes with one ear bud. It has nothing to do with your phone. Some people like to use their own earbuds. Also, some museums hand out their own audio guide units. It's nice to plug your own earbud into it so you don't have hold it to your ear the whole time.

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The email from RS says:

Wired headphones: If you wear a hearing aid, we strongly recommend bringing headphones that go over your ears to use with our audio guide system.

On previous tours they passed out the receiver on a neckchain along with a wired earpiece. I'm thinking this mention in the email only applies to people that wear hearing aids since the earpiece they give you may not be loud enough; instead they want you to bring headphones so you can play the guide voice thru them and have your hearing aid amplify it.