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Windsor for 4 nights at 25-29 June, 2020

I am reading that Windsor Castle admits groups of 15 persons at a time. I know I am in Windsor at a 'high tourism' time but I had no control on that part. Arrive on 25 June and plan to go in advance to purchase tickets for next day admission to Castle. Castle will take up ….maybe 1/2 day? more? Also want to tour St.George's Chapel in daytime, then hope to attend Evensong at St. George's Chapel. which I might do on 2 consecutive nights. A visit to Eton should be...easy to do? Looks quite close...Appreciate any highlights you would care to mention to me of the Windsor area: for example, a River cruise in fair weather might be scenic. Any unique Pub or restaurant ideas would be welcome, but not of the very highest price range...

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4 nights in Windsor seems a lot, it’s a small place. I posted a link to a food video recently and the restaurant ‘Lebanese Nights’ in Windsor was very highly recommended, as it is on Tripadvisor.

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I’ve never heard of the groups of 15 thing and I’ve been there twice in 2 years, although it was December both times. Both times were day trips from London. To me, 2 nights is plenty for Windsor; 3 at most if visiting Eton which is only a half mile away. The castle and chapel can be seen in 3 hours, probably a little longer during high tourist season. If you think there will be even a remote chance of returning there within a year, get your ticket stamped (just inside the exit gate) before leaving. It will then be good for free readmission for a year. Photos are NOT allowed n either the castle or chapel.
Edited: I corrected the distance as I was thinking Slough, not Eton when I responded.

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Eton isn’t a couple miles away. It’s only an 8-10 minute walk away. If you are standing across the street from the castle facing it, turn to your left, walk down the sidewalk to the second road on your right, turn right, walk over the bridge over the Thames and you are in Eton, As you exit the castle through King Henry VIII Gate turn right walk down to High Street, turn left and walk down the side walk to Great Windsor Park (5 minute walk), walk through the gates and to your right you will to the gates to Windsor Castle and you will have a great view of the Royal residence. There in Great Windsor Park is The Long Walk, the private road the the royal family uses to enter and exit the castle.

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Forgot to mention that I have had a recommendation to train from Windsor to Kew Gardens, which I have missed seeing on several trips to London. Looks like about an hour (maybe a bit more) train trip to Kew...

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I just read online that there are shuttle services between Windsor and Hampton Court Palace which would be a great day trip. You do have to book timed ticket ahead.