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Windsor Castle Tickets

Is it necessary to book ahead for Windsor Castle this late in the year, e.g. Monday, 21 October?

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I can’t say for certain, but you’re not in high season any longer. I was there last November and only waited in line for 10 minutes. I waited the same amount of time getting into Westminster Abbey. If that date is set in stone, then it doesn’t hurt to make a reservation. If it is subject to possible change, personally, I’d wait until I got there.

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No. We went on 10/4, bought tickets and walked right in. It was not crowded at all the whole 4 hrs we were there.

We also walked right into Westminster Abbey, Hampton Court Palace, Tower of London.

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Thanks, guys. We will just go out there and buy our tickets on the day. Just makes life simpler, and we are on holiday!