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Will the UK open to tourists before Sept?

It appears that the EU will probably not open until Sept. What about the UK?
Europe Borders May Be Closed Until September: U.S. COVID-19 Threat (4/11/2020)
The Forbes article refers to the French news source BFMTV (France's 24-hr news channel)
"Macron talks about the possibility of closing the borders of the Schengen area until September"
*Macron informed French union leaders on 4/10/2020 re Schengen border likely to be closed until at least September.
*"Macron himself in a video call with other European leaders warned that the ban could even run until September, while European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has warned people not to book summer holidays." (The Local is the news publisher for English-speaking expats in France)
*France had notified EU Commission that its border control will be extended to end of October.
(FYI for visitors coming for day-trips in France: expect border inspection, bring passport)

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No. The UK is in no hurry. At least that is how I see it, but only my opinion.

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I don't know right now but later I'll check my crystal ball and ouija board. They're always right.

How can anyone know what will happen in September? Most don't know what will happen in June.

By the way, the border extension until October is for terrorism. It's been in place since before the coronavirus was detected. Although this time they did say it was for terrorism and the coronavirus.

Macron's talk uses the words "could", "possibility" and "likely." These are not definites. The only thing we can do is wait and see.

No. The UK is in no hurry

Have you been told by the leaders of the UK that this is a fact or just your personal belief with no proof whatsover?

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Everything I post here is my opinion unless I back it up with a link to the source. I have stated so in my profile.

I hope that I am being too pessimistic, but I feel it is just being realistic given the current state of things. Would it have been better if I said the UK would be open for necessary travel but tourism would probably still not be recovered enough yet to make a holiday trip there worth while?

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No, it would be better to assume that people don't read profiles and say "I believe" or "My opinion is" rather than just making it seem like a fact.

You have every right to post your opinions. But if you don't state that there will be some who will read
what you write and believe it to be true.

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the border extension until October is for terrorism.

So that sounds like it won't be a border closure, but rather a border restriction. I entered France a couple of times during the terrorism controls, and it was just a quick glance at my passport. Of course, if the controls include COVID-19, looking at a passport won't mean much.

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The U.K. government has this week told us not to book any summer holidays at home or abroad, so it sounds as though they are not anticipating any visitors to the U.K. before autumn at the very earliest.

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The organizers of the French Open are betting that things will be calmed down by September. They announced that they are moving the dates of the tournament to Sept 20 - Oct 4th. Since that would entail thousands of people coming into Paris they are either being really really optimistic or trying to keep people from asking for refunds.

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The French Federation has not specified the number of tickets it will sell to the French Open, if any, given the uncertainty revolving around the pandemic.

As for the OP’s question about the UK in September, find a crystal ball and read it.

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To amplify what Jennifer said - this was the Transport ministers response to a question “are we going to get our summer holidays?” “Put it this way I won’t be booking my summer holiday anytime soon” rather than an official Government line because all they will tell us is we have to wait for 5 tests to be met first. There hav3 been indications that we will have a phased step back from lock down. So you might be able to fly in and get a hotel room, but social distancing might wellstill be in place so theatres and busy tourist attractions might still be closed, and potentially bars and restaurants. I still live in hope of getting to the Azores this summer!

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I was listening to Good Morning Britain yesterday, they said that a lot of shops won’t open for six months. I don’t know how accurate it is.

ACIS which does educational tours, is balking on giving summer refunds for trips to EU saying that they refuse to cancel. I guess they figure they are exempt from level 4 State Department travel restrictions and EU restrictions and mandatory quarantines. Which is sad. so many college bound seniors are on these trips. First they lose their graduations, now their senior trip AND a sizeable chunk of money, even though the tour group actually has a level 4 travel provision in their fine print concerning cancelled trips and refunds less $100. Most are loosing $600-900, each. But...I will still get my daughter to Europe...we will just do the Rick Steves version of self exploring. already looking at spending new years in London. so any tips would be greatly appreciated