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Which London hotel?

I am ready to book a hotel for 5 nights solo female in London and have been looking at the Lime Tree hotel, the Luna Simone Hotel or the Premiere Travel Inn St Pancra's hotel as all seem reasonabley priced hotels. Under 130GBP. I stayed at the Lime Tree in 2005 on a RS London tour and it was very worn at that time. But looking at the website, it seems to be done over and very nice.

Can anyone tell me if they stayed at any of the above hotels and liked or disliked them and if so why. I am looking for a nice hotel for a single female traveler and near the tube station. My friend advised the Premiere Travel Inn as I am going to take the Eurostar to Brussels and it is right across the street from the Pancra's train station.

I do want something easy to get to from Heathrow airport and near a tube station.

I haven't been to London since 2005, so I am a bit out of my depth on where to stay that is easy to get to other places. The tube is important. Thanks for all your help.

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I have stayed at many different Premier Inns and have enjoyed them all. Solid choice in my opinion.

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I'd book the Premier Inn. Have been using them for 3/4 years now around the UK. Good solid offering. Not had a bad one so far. Off to Manchester tomorrow, will be there a couple of days and automatically booked the Premier Inn nearest to where I'm working.

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I'll cast another vote for Premier Inn. The 2 London locations I've stayed in were solid, economical (by London standards), comfortable picks. Have a great time!

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We stayed at the Tune Hotel - Kings Cross, about two years ago when we were in London, on our way to Paris via the Eurostar. It is a 12-15 minute walk to the Eurostar Terminal and about 10-12 minutes up a hill from St. Pancreas terminal. It is also close to the British Museum. Here is a list of things close by: We enjoyed our time there. If you can tell us what dates you plan to be in London, we can advise better on prices. I checked mid-May and for 5 days, it was $95 dollars (US) per day on

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I stayed at the Premier Inn St. Pancras in 2016 for one night. I enjoyed it. Even thought my room faced the street, there are double windows so I heard no noise. In fact, I didn't hear any noise anywhere.

I've stayed in a few PI's and never had a problem. Always clean, decent wifi, good TV, very comfy beds.

BTW, the PI St. Pancras is directly across the street from the British library. About 5 minutes to St. Pancras.

KIngs Cross is another three minutes past St. Pancras. The KIngs Cross tube stop is on the Piccadilly line which runs to Heathrow.

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I've stayed at Premier County Hall and it was fine. Great location and decent price. I'm going back this fall and have booked at The Hub by Premier - Westminster.

Very interesting concept - tiny rooms but new and very reasonable rates.

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Ann, since you are traveling as a single, I would choose to stay at the Lime Tree hotel, because it is smaller and may feel more cozy. It would also be somewhat familiar to you, since you have stayed there before. The Lime Tree hotel is walking distance to Victoria Station, which has train lines and tube lines.

We have stayed at many Premier Inns and have always been pleased. We have stayed at the Premier Inn St Pancras and liked that it was new, had clean comfy beds and a good breakfast, all for a good price. The location is great for taking Eurostar.

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Thank you everyone for your responses. I am so happy every one liked Premiere Travel Inns as I think that is where I will book my hotel. I have stayed at the Lime Tree and would like to stay there again, but it is much more than the Premiere.

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Ann, when are would traveling to London? Are you staying in Brussels or traveling to Bruges (sp?)?