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Which Guidebook?

I am trying to decide which guidebook to purchase. I'm considering the London-only book & the England book. I like all the self-guided walks listed in the London-only book, but we have future travel plans in greater England, and may even head to the South Downs for a night or two on this trip. Does anyone happen to know if the England book has the same self-guided walking tours as the London book, or if that's only in the London book? thanks!

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Here, from this very website, is our host's advice on which book to buy. He says the London book has more London walking tours than the England book.

If your public library has either book, you can check it out before buying. If the only part of the England book that interests you now is the South Downs, you might consider checking out the England book and photocopying the few pages you'll need. After considering that, of course you wouldn't do it because it might violate the copyright laws. But at least you'd have more info to help you decide which book to buy (and carry).

Another choice -- if there's enough you need in the England book, and your budget allows, buy the e-edition so you won't be carrying both volumes. I find a physical guidebook much easier to use than an e-book, but for a limited area an e-book might be all right. Seems like the London book should be a given for this trip -- though you might consider "Pocket London," with less detail but much more portable.