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Where to stay in London (7 days)

Group of 3 (adults) headed to London in May for 7 days. Not sure whether we will be staying in a hotel or using AirBNB. Wanted to get ideas on what areas/neighborhoods would be good to stay in. Thanks!

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We always stay in the Bayswater-Kensington area over by Kensington Palace.

It's quite a restaurant/pub scene and two tube/underground/subway lines are right there to get you anywhere in town.

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We have stayed in three distinct areas -- all in apartments -- during three trips: Westminster, SOHO, and near St. Paul's. The locations in SOHO, right on Cambridge Circus, was by far our favorite and St. Paul's a close second. Westminster was lovely but the apartment was not as conveniently located with respect to shopping.

One trick I learned and used on Trip #2 was to order my groceries online from Waitrose. I set up delivery for about an hour after we were due to arrive, and while we were unpacking, the supplies we needed for the week were delivered saving us a shopping trip and lugging heavy items like bottled water and wine.

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We stayed in London for seven days in June. We used the RS London Guide Book to sort out neighborhoods and places to stay as well as sights and places to eat. Very useful. If you have this guide book already, great. If not, you can order one elsewhere on this web site. We had been to London before but it had been a long time and we had forgotten just how expensive London is and I am use to the high prices in Hawaii.

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Hi Crump, here are my favorite neighborhoods to stay in by Tube Station: 1. High Street Kensington, 2. Gloucester Rd, 3. Victoria. The Lime Tree near Victoria tube/coach/train is good but pricey. Have a great trip!

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I really like the area inside postal code SW7 (use Google Maps and search for London SW7). Plenty of diverse transportation options and close enough to many sites that walking is easy. There are also a lot of holiday rentals in this area.

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Here's a specific suggestion to explore. We found the location to be in easy walking distance to key museums, historic sites and transportation / tube hubs. The outside is unassuming, but the inside is up to date, well maintained. The staff was excellent. I suggest ... The Thistle, Royal Trafalgar, just quietly down a small road off Trafalger Square hugging the edge of The Royal Portrait Gallery.