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Where to pick up rental car for countryside rides

We are staying in London and planning to drive out to the countryside. We love road trips and driving. I read it’s a good idea to take a train out of the city and pick up a rental car outside of London. We are going to Warner Brothers Studios in Leavesden and would like to rent a car and keep going after the tour. Any ideas on a car rental at a train line in this direction ? We are staying at St Ermin in London .

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Carol, The studio is on the edge of Watford, on the NW edge of London. The nearest station is Watford Junction, and there is a shuttle bus from there to the studios. Watford Junction is a major station, there are multiple car hire offices there. Googling "car hire Watford Junction" gives lots of hits.
Trains to Watford Junction leave from Euston station.

P.S., no idea where "St Ermin" is. Just take the tube to Euston. Oyster Cards are valid to Watford Junction.

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I've read your other posts but I don't really know where you are intending to go on this drive. At one time I think you were talking about Cotswolds and Bibury? Is that where you are heading? With luggage or just a day trip out and back?

Or do you just want a bit of countryside beyond the suburban belt? Or rural?

How many is "we"?

What time is your reservation at Warner Brothers Harry Potter?

I know the north of London fairly well so I have a few places up my sleeve but need to understand your goals.

And you are right - driving in London is for the birds. And I have to do it a lot. What does that say about me?

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St Ermin's Hotel is south of St James' Park quite close to the tube station of the same name.

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Without knowing any further details, I'll just say that in general the major airports have the following advantages: a wide selection of cars, long hours of opening, and location next to major highways so you don't have to navigate through the streets of a congested city or a quirky small town.

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Oxford would be an option to pick up a vehicle.

We picked up our car at Heathrow and did just fine.

Beware driving near London and especially the M25 Orbital that easily becomes a parking lot.