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Where to eat around WB studios?

Hello, we are going with our family to the WB studios to do the Harry Potter tour. Any advice on where to eat around that area for lunch and perhaps dinner that day? Any Harry Potter theme places to eat around there. I read they have a snack area and serve Butter Beer at the WB studios but not sure about any places for a full lunch or dinner. Appreciate any suggestions.

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There is a cafe at the entrance to the studios - just after security and before you get in line for the tour. They serve hot. and cold food and its pretty decent and reasonably priced for a mid day Lunch. The other eating area is half way through the tour in the outside prop area. This area seems to have a more limited food choice. Mainly ice creams, butter beer and hamburgers etc. I would suggest you grab something at the entrance cafe and then have your main meal later when you leave the studios. BTW the tour is a self-guided tour - they just allow so many people in at one time to ease the flow of traffic. You will enter as a group into the main hall, then be on your own to walk the studio at your own pace. Allow about 3-4 hours for this. Also, Watford would not be a place I would gravitate towards (and I am from England) and I don't really know of any HP themed place outside of the studio.

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JK fiercely defends her IP so Potter Themed places don't really exist unless fully sanctioned.

Watford is a dump.

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The cafe at the studio entrance serves pretty decent food if I remember so I suggest you just eat there either at the beginning or the end of your tour. If you're driving, you may have more options to stop and eat somewhere but if you're relying on public transport the studio cafe is a good bet.

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Lots of people (including me) brought a lunch if they were eating on site.

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If you get there right away, which I recommend, eat lunch at the cafe half way through. You can then either eat at the one in the entrance for dinner before you leave or back in London. We ate breakfast at our hotel, got to the studios and proceeded to spend 5.5 hours looking at stuff not including stopping at the cafe in the middle for lunch. There is so much to see with such great detail it is really worth taking your time to go through things.

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I agree with eating on site depending on your ticket time. We had a 1 o'clock entrance. We ate a sandwich on the train on the way there. We spent 5 hours on site so had some snacks in the cafe as well. We then came back to our apartment and had dinner. Three really isn't a ton right at the studios and nothing themed outside of the butter beer and butter beer ice cream on site.