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Where should I go in Europe to see as much as possible in 9 days? (Selected Destinations)

I wish this forum had a Europe subforum, not just individual countries :(

I have an opportunity to go to Europe in early June for 9 days (Fly out on the 10th day). But I'm leaving from Iceland (If it matters, I'm American) so only have the choice of a few destinations.

I don't want to average more than $100 per night for rooming, whether it be a hotel or hostel or something from airbnb.

Unless the destination is especially interesting (or maybe easy/cheap to move around in the country), I would prefer to try to move around in this time frame to see as much as possible.

1.) It'll be two people travelling 2.) Neither of us have been to Europe 3.) Besides the hotel budget, looking to save money on food purchases by eating cheap mostly, activities can have a reasonable budget, nothing crazy. 3.) Climate doesn't matter 4.) Interests are pretty varied, noteworthy is interest in history but not necessarily in museums.

So I'm thinking cities like London or Paris are more at the top of the list because as far as I know, they are some of the easiest/closest places to go to and from by train.

One more thing: It could be possible for me to fly out of a different city than the one I flew in to. (For example, flying into London then train to Paris and then either stay in Paris the rest of the time or go to another city via train and then come back to Paris to fly out)

So here are possible destinations, the flight's all are around the same cost with Copenhagen a couple hundred cheaper than the most expensive flight:


Thanks for any help!

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There is a category for General Europe; you may want to repost there.

Since this is your first trip, I suggest the classic London-Paris pairing; fly into London and out of Paris, and take the Eurostar train to Paris after your time [maybe 5 days] in London. You can save by buying your train tickets as soon as they go on sale, which I think is 3 months before the trip. Trying to fit another city into this 9-day trip will increase your travel costs and reduce your touring time; it generally takes at least half a day to move from one place to another by the time you check out of the hotel, get to the airport/train station, travel to your destination, find your hotel and check in...

London has a lot of free museums, which will keep the costs down, and lots to see and do. There are also nearby places to daytrip if you want to get out of the city. Paris also has easy day trips if you run out of things to do in the city.

I suggest reading Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door, plus the RS guides for London and Paris - the 2015 editions of both are already out. You'll find lots of time- and money-saving tips, plus tons of ideas about things to do and sights to see. As you refine your plans, come back with any further questions. Forum folks love to help!

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i second getting Ricks book.

Major question. Is that 100 buck per night for both or one? that will make a world of difference. Also, you should think in terms of local currency where every you go, since they won't deal in USD.

as far as lodging in London, look at

LSE vacation stays


Cabinn places. I stayed at one in CPH.

others will chime in with other suggestions.

As mentioned many museums in London are free, but if youre not the museum type, then its moot.

one comment. Instead of wanting to go somewhere, have you looked at what bargains you can get from flying out (in?) of Iceland. that in itself may decide for you and my make life and expenses a little easier.

Food. If you want to chow down you can anywhere. there are fast food places in everyplace i have visited and not all are chains. you will see alt of donar kabab places and are quite tasty. Also many places have their version of "hot pockets/sandwich" or something along that line.

If you plan on traveling by train, do some homework on it since in London the time you want to go can make a world of difference. Also some trains will be way less expensive if you book way ahead.

happy trails