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When you need a UKcredit card and billing address but dont have one

When we are in the Cotswolds next month, we want to order our groceries online,and have them delivered to the cottage we are staying in. However, I found that we cant pay online unless we have a UK registered credit card,with a UK billing address. We are not UK residents, we are tourists,so this wont work. Ive contacted the grocery stores directly and there's no way around this. Please,Please,anyone that has had this same issue, let me know the SUCCESSFUL way you found to make this work!

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how do you pay cash online?

Bluntly, there's not a lot you can do other than try another supermarket. All the big ones do delivery but all require prepayment (or more accurately, don't want the hassle of drivers collecting money). I'm guessing by your user name you won't have a car, do you have the postcode of where you are staying and what time you will arrive?

And I know this won't be any consolation, but tourists aren't a big part of their business. Unlike Great Western Railway, who have the same policy!!!!

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Can you contact the owner of the cottage and see what they suggest? Perhaps they have had this come up before and havr a solution, or maybe they can arrange the delivery for you?

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OK, SteveB! My thought was to pay cash on delivery. Did you really think I meant sending cash in some mysterious way online?

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If that's the local stores' policy on online deliveries, there isn't much you can do. Why not just walk to the market (or bike, since you "like to bike") and pick up things by hand?

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sending cash in some mysterious way online

Is Paypal an option?

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Do they sell VISA pre-paid cards in the UK, as they do here? would that work?

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But Ocado is the most expensive option for buying food!

It depends on how much you value the convenience of having groceries delivered on your arrival. Personally I would be happy to pay their prices in such a situation.

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Ocado price match branded items against Tesco, excluding short-term promotions where they match Waitrose.

The more pertinent limitation for Ocado could be on the extent of the delivery area.