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Wheelchairs at LHR

Are they allowed to take you to an airline lounge and then return later to take you to the departure gate, or is it strictly to departure gate only?

And what about to a hotel that is attached to the trminal but may be some distance from Arrivals?

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They can certainly take you to an airport lounge and collect you later to take you to the gate. They did so for me last year, but I was anxious waiting for them to collect me from the lounge as they cut it very fine. I don’t know about collecting you from the hotel, perhaps someone else can answer.

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Within the airport is no problem. You can't be the first person who has had this issue. I’d contact your hotel, explain the situation, and ask their advice. If they cannot, ask the airport management. You may be able to strike a deal that they will meet each other halfway. It may be an insurance issue for either or both. We didn’t have your exact circumstances, but people across the board were exceedingly accommodating and kind to my husband in his chair last week. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they were happy to figure out a solution for you.

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My husband was taken to the hotel attached to terminal 5 (sofitel) by wheelchair assistance services, then collected from there the next day, taken through check in and security, to the business lounge, and then from there to the plane.

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Thank you everyone. That's very encouraging. My hotel stay is after arrival so that should make that bit easier. The lounge visit would be before departure 3 weeks later. I just recall being held in a "holding pen" for ages with other wheelchair users on a previous occasion and that used up much of the time I would otherwise have spent in the lounge..