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What part of London to stay in??

I'm visiting London for 5 days in early July with my 16 year old daughter. I visited 20 years ago and she has never been. What area would be the best for us to stay in? We plan to visit many of the normal touristy places but we really don't have must-see places. We are kindof easy-going and just want to stay in an area where we have lots of options for things to do/see. In addition, we like to walk and we like to shop. Can someone recommend a safe, walkable area for first-timers? Thank you!

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Are you talking THIS July?

What’s your budget? AirBnB? Hotel? Flat?

Research the Premier Inn website. Remember to stay in Zone 1 of the London Tube Map so public transport costs will be affordable.

As far as neighborhoods: Westminster, Fulham, Kensington, Belgravia, Marlebone, Knightsbridge, and Earl’s Court.

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Yes, July 2022.

Budget... Is $250 a night doable?
Thank you for the Zone 1 info and the neighborhood list!

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The London Elizabeth Hotel is a great hotel. It’s across the street from Hyde Park, and a two minute walk to Lancaster Gate tube station.

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The Z Hotels are within your budget.

Or look at The Nadler which may have been recently renamed.

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Unless you’re getting two rooms, I’d never recommend Z Hotels for anyone who isn’t a solo traveler or in a serious relationship who doesn’t mind being in very close corners with their partner.

I love them for me as a solo traveler who plans to spend every waking hour outside the hotel.

For a parent and a teen? Never

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$250 double should get you into most Premier Inns, but you'll probably have one large bed and one twin bed.

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Nadler hotels have changed their name to Resident Hotels...

Resident Kensington

Resident Soho

Resident Covent Garden

Resident Victoria.

I am currently in residence at a Resident hotel.

But I also second the idea of looking at the numerous Premier Inns.

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Thank you, everyone.
I think we'll go with Premier. Recommendations for the best Premier location for first-timers where we can do the most walking? I know the Tube is great for getting around (and we will use it) but we'd like to travel above ground as much as possible in order to see the city while getting from place to place.

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The Premier in at County Hall. You’ll walk out the front door and be able to see the Thames, Westminster Bridge and Parliament. Next to Jubilee Gardens and the London Eye. Easy 30 minute stroll from the Premier Inn to Buckingham Palace.

If not this Premier Inn try the Victoria One. Closer to the Palace but further from Parliament Square.

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There's no "right" answer for this. Tourist destinations are spread out.

The County Hall option, as suggested by Claudia, works well.

If I needed to, I would look at one of the Premier Inns near Kings Cross/St Pancras/Euston.

But if you are coming in July, you need to GET BOOKING NOW.

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I was happy with the location of the Premier Inn County Hall, but it's possible a different location would be more convenient for you. That really depends on what places you want to see during your time in London.

It's probably best to make your reservation via a tablet or smartphone; I believe PI has an app. There are longstanding issues with the PI website, which has the disconcerting tendency to alter your arrival and departure dates. It would be very easy to end up with a reservation for the wrong dates.

PI's rates tend to increase quite a bit as the arrival date approaches. There is a free-cancellation option (among others, so read carefully), so I'd suggest booking something immediately even if you want to do some further research. You can easily cancel if you find something you think will work better for you.

The "twin" rooms at County Hall--at least the one I was in--have one large bed and a day bed that's twin-bed size but with a real mattress; you aren't sleeping on a fold-out couch.

One thing to watch for in budget and moderately-priced London hotels is whether they are air conditioned. Not all are, and in July a/c might turn out to be essential.

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To comment about this:
"I know the Tube is great for getting around (and we will use it) but we'd like to travel above ground as much as possible in order to see the city while getting from place to place."

Besides walking, use the London city buses. You can pick up a London bus map in one of the tube stations. See the rack of maps when you enter the tube station.

Here are the key bus routes and tourist attractions on one map.***This one is for 2015--if I can find a more current one, I'll post it.

Look at this map. Find "London Eye" in the bottom middle of the map. This is the location of the hotel you've booked.
There are plenty of bus lines around in that area.
With tube, bus and walking, you should be able to get anywhere in London.

***Note; do not rely on this map for the exact bus numbers you might use. This map is older and was the only one I could find.
DO rely on the bus map that you will pick up from the rack in the tube stations to give you the CORRECT and CURRENT numbers for buses for transportation.
I provided that PDF map mainly to show you where your hotel is located in relation to attractions, tube stations and bus lines (which will still be running, but several may have a different number.)