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Westminster Abbey verge guided tour question

Hello, All.
I found that there is verge guided tour at Westminster Abbey, but when I was trying to purchase tickets, it shows " hidden highlights tour". I am not sure if " hidden highlights tour" is same as verge guided tour or not. And also even " hidden highlights tour" is not available on the date we are going. So I tired on different dates and still not available. I was wondering if this is something that woudl schedule close to the date or not.
Thank you.

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When are you planning to be in London?

You can only book tickets for Westminster Abbey up to the end of July at the moment.
The Hidden History tours are all sold out apart from Monday 3rd July so it looks as if youy need to book that as soon as tickets are released.

The Verger tours and Hidden history tours cover different parts of the cathedral - click on the links given to see what is included in each. The Verger tour is slightly longer too. The Verger Tours can only be booked once you arrive at the abbey. They cannot be prebooked. As they only take 20 people - book your place as soon as you arrive at teh babbey!

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Thank you Wasleys, this information really helped. I think we will try verge tour when we get there ( we purchase ticket) since we are traveling with 14 year old and under 15 is not allowed for hidden highlights tour.
Thank you so much.

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just to mention, to save confusion when you're here, the person who conducts the tour is called a Verger (with an "r" at the end). In England a verge is the side of a road.

A Verger does all sorts of jobs around a church. They are lay-people who are really counted on. If I were visiting the Abbey I would join one of their tours. There is a similar one offered at St Pauls Cathedral.