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Westminister Tube Station

Is Westminister Tube station open now and throughout the summer?

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Hi, Carol. I can see that you are thinking through your transportation options. A quick way to have all of these questions answered directly is to use the Transport for London Website you were given in the other thread. You can look up any possible closures on that site.

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Hi Carol - btw, and this is just for guidance when you’re looking things up, it’s WestMINSTER and not Westminister.

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Since it comes up in UK visits, here's a rundown of some words for a church:

"A Minster is a Church that has priest(s) that administer to and visit the parishioners. It is open to the public for worship. A Cathedral is a Church in which the throne of an Archbishop is located. An Abbey was originally a Church that was used exclusively by monks."

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I'd never heard that said about Minsters. What I learned coincides with how York Minster describes their type of church:

From the York Minster FAQs:

Why is it called a Minster? Not a cathedral?

We’re actually both! York Minster’s full title is The Cathedral and
Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York.

The title Minster evolved towards the end of the sixth century, when
Christian missionaries were sent to convert Saxon England. They built
churches to be centres for worship and as bases from which to preach
in the surrounding countryside. Priests lived there (although not
necessarily as monks) and the centres became known as monasteriums – a
word which entered the Old English language as mynster.

When my wife's father was a Methodist Minister he always visited the congregation, especially the sick, dying and new parents as well as those considering marriage. This was in small towns in Texas, not anything like York Minster.

I think that the previous source confused two similar sounding but different words, including that extra "e" at the end. I wonder if it was Wikipedia?