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West England episode 2017

hey, omg i'm gonna cry ! I am obcessed with the music/backgraound songs the team chose for this episode ! Can someone please help me finding the names of the beautiful songs <3 <3 <3

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It would be more helpful if you'd titled it 'Rick Steve's West England episode 2017'.

No-one refers to West England which is what threw me initially, it's always referred to as The West Country.

Unfortunately I can't help you with the music however skipping through the episode it sounds like stock music rather than a particular well known piece of work.

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There is another app called WTS (as in what's that song?) that might work if Shazam doesn't.

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Frankly, I've no idea what the music the programme uses, but if it's the faux 'ye olde englande' music you are after, you might try tracking down a 'best of' compilation by the much missed Amazing Blondel. Sounds authentic Elizabethan period, but is in fact modern, all their own work! They used to dress the part and play lutes (which apparently were a nightmare to keep in tune) and tried to repopularise the crumhorn! I have seen them live many, many moons ago and thought they were spectacular!

Alternatively, I always associate England (I AM English!) with the works of Vaughan Williams in particular, Elgar, Delius and Holst, all classical composers. I once made myself homesick on a bus to Sedona by playing The Unthanks on my iPod, namely 'Mount the Air' and 'King of Rome'. The latter has brass band accompaniment and in the north of England we are vaccinated with the 'brass band needle' at birth and the very phrase 'Brighouse and Raistrick' can bring a lump to the throat!

Not a definitive answer I know, but might start you on a rewarding journey of exploration!