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Weather in Southern England in June

I am taking the RS tour from Canterbury to Bath June 3- June 15 staying a few days before the tour in Cambridge and Canterbury and after in Bath. I am quite familiar with Rick Steves packing ideas, including a very good rain jacket and possibly small umbrella. I don't mind a limited wardrobe and will be coming from the US with a RS rolling bag and smaller carry on.

The tour takes us from Canterbury along the southern coast, to Dartmoor National Park, Cornwall, ending in Bath.
The temperatures at that time of year seem to be in 19C or 66F with lows in 10C or 50F

That said, with much of my trip being along the coast--White Cliffs of Dover, Portsmouth, and Cornwall, will ocean breezes make it cooler? I tend to get cold easily and want to prepare, but not overpack.

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.


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...tend to get cold easily...

We took the same tour in May. While it might be a bit warmer in June. a light weight wind breaker, sweater, or hoodie will definitely be in order.

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Don't forget a scarf, even a lightweight silky one and it couldn't hurt to take gloves. Windy enough along the coast to make you feel cold. On a cloudy windy day make sure you have a warm layer under your jacket.

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Hi Nancy- I took this tour towards the end of June and beginning of July. We had lunch on July 4th in a pub in Dartmoor with a fire blazing. You will definitely want to pack layers. I wore an Eddie Bauer hooded performance fleece I layered with an LL Bean trail model rain jacket. We didn’t experience much rain, but I wore the rain jacket quite a bit for added warmth. I am also a person who is always cold :)
Happy Travels!!

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I just signed up for the same tour for July next year. Living in Arizona where it’s already hit 100*, I’m not a fan of rain and cold. But I’m working on the assumption that the weather will be similar to my home state of Washington. confirmed that, albeit a little rainier.

It sounds like you’ve traveled before so this part may be redundant. I suggest making a packing list if you haven’t done so. Weigh all your clothes, be sure everything mixes and matches. Test pack to meet airline carry on requirements or plan to check your suitcase. Since the packing list will probably be warm clothes heavy, limit it to only what can be layered for warmth and to keep dry. Don’t be surprised if this means you will not take a third of what’s on your list. I already made a “cold” weather packing list on my master packing list but have to weed out all the extra clothes as I plan next year’s trip.
Remember you can always buy something if you really need it. You can carry on your rain coat so it doesn’t take room in your suitcase.

EDIT: I just found these leggings on Amazon. Water resistant, fleece lined, cheap. Overkill? Or practical?

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There is simply no way of being definitive about this. If you want to know what the weather will be like this June, ask in July.

I go to the Glastonbury festival every year, which involves camping in a field for a week. The festivals in 2019 and 2022 were very hot, temperatures up to 30 degrees. 2023 was also warm but not as extreme. 2016, which I fortunately missed, was very wet. 2005 and 2007 were horrendously wet. Other years were cooler with some rain.

Pack layers, have options for hot, warm, mild, cool and wet weather. In my view it won’t be properly cold but if you come from a warmer climate you might feel it more.

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What-to-wear discussions often avoid the bottom line: the feet. If your tootsies are damp, all of the rest will shiver. Solid walking shoes, especially of the athletic sort, can be rain-resistant if not fully waterproof and happy to walk in the bright sun (if any).

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I am inclined to agree with @horsewoofie, that the weather is likely to be pretty comparable with WA. I say that as someone who is watching the actual weather (as compared to some after the event computerised chart) in Roslyn and Seattle (and formerly Port Townsend, but that need has now gone) on a pretty much daily basis. And have been for 14 years now. And I know what the weather is doing in the UK on any given day.
It can be amazing the similarities on a more seasonal basis- if WA has an abnormally good or bad winter or summer so does the UK.

The big difference is that the UK doesn't rely on the snow pack for the summer water supply. After this very benign winter in WA I am really worried over the reservoirs (already a nearly statewide drought) and the fire risk potential this year. The same benign winter in the UK has produced so much rain that a drought here feels like a distant chance

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Portsmouth does tend to be slightly cooler than inland but not by any really discernible difference. The weather in June could be glorious or it could be rainy and drreary...who knows! However it's worth noting that the South East Coast is the sunniest part of the UK.

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I find fleece a good choice, it's thin and warm and should be more than enough for June time. Bring an extra two layers just in case.

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If you bring a load of coats and hats, you can virtually guarantee it will be sunny and temps in the 90s.

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June is the month I prefer to travel to England. I do it every year to visit family near Cambridge. I will be heading there again at the end of May. I have started to pack already! In the past several years, we have had great weather in England the first week of June (temps in the 70-80s). Flowers are in bloom and strawberries are ready to eat from the Farm shops.

As others have pointed out, England tends to have changeable weather and there is always the possibility of rain and a strong wind. I am packing summer dresses, cardigans, jeans, one pair of sandals, tennis shoes, and a flat closed-in shoe. I sometimes pack a short black boot for those puddles and rainy days around town. (You will see quite a few people wearing short ankle boots at this time of year). I love jackets, so I pack lightweight dressy jackets, a rain jacket, and a silk scarf. Long sleeve thin t-shirt tops for layering, and a fleece jacket. several blouses for evening wear with jeans/trousers.

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Depending on the day's temperature a fleece jacket might be needed under a windbreaker/rain jacket at Stonehenge. We were there several times in September and the wind whipped so hard that I was glad my jacket was hooded. I thought I was going to be scalped without it!

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Thanks so much for all these replies and taking my concern about being cold seriously! I've taken many of your suggestions. I bought the Eddie Bauer fleece jacket on a whim before seeing Stacie's recommendation--great hoodie.

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I’m glad you got the Eddie Bauer hoodie. With layers you should be warm enough.

It’s a great tour. I was amazed by Cornwall’s beauty. You’re in for a real treat!! John was the guide on my tour, and he was fantastic.

Happy travels!!

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I was on this tour last year the last of September. Had a fleece jacket and rain jacket. The weather was unseasonably warm and did not have a problem. Rain jacket was more of a wind breaker since we did not have one day of rain. I added each location on the tour to my weather app as to see the forecast for the next 10 days and tried to pack accordingly.

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So far the summer has been lousy. In true Brit spirit that leaves me thinking - hot weather must be coming - but equally if the jet stream is in the 'wrong' place it can prove quite stubborn and bad weather tends to persist. Thankfully enjoyment of these sites isn't weather dependant so come well prepared, with low expectations and you might be pleasantly surprised. You'll get a pretty accurate indication by checking the weather 5 days out

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Even in summer, the frequent wind can make your neck cold. Decent raincoat, fleece, and scarf and you should be good for anything. It can sometimes be very hot too though!