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We will be arriving in 1 week for 3 days before heading up to
Scotland. Just wondering if the weather is warm enough to wear shorts. We are trying to limit the amount to items to bring since we will be going on the train, then also heading up to Orkney Island, and it is quite cold up there. I have 2 kids age 8 and 10 as well.

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It is 22 degrees in my house at the moment and I am wearing shorts. It is 14 degrees outside and I am wearing those shorts outside. I put on trousers to go out in public.

A couple of weeks ago when it was in the high 20s many people had shorts on.

At the end of last week I saw a weather report which said that in northwest Scotland it was zero point six (just at freezing point) overnight.

The Orkneys are not only fairly chilly but also windy. Sometimes very windy.

The weather this morning showed that there is a long line of weather fronts coming across the Atlantic and we are expecting cool rainy weather for the forseeable.

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At this time of year, it's anyone's guess, but I returned a few days ago from a month in Scotland and the weather was dreadful! They are having their worst summer for over 40 years (cold and wet) and for two days, we had maximum daytime temperatures of 7 degrees, when we had packed for warmer temperatures. Our shorts hardly had any use.

When we were in Orkney it was 17 degrees during the daytime and on the TV that evening was news of record temperatures at Wimbledon and London. Orkney's record temperature was set 6 years ago at 25 degrees! London has had 38% of its average rainfall for June (which is pretty low anyway), whereas Scotland has had significantly more than average (and it usually rains more there normally).

I would wear those trousers that zip off at the knee if you are concerned about packing, for maximum flexibility. Bring layers and a good waterproof and waterproof shoes. It's certainly warm enough for shorts in the south of England.

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Currently the jet stream is right over Northern England which tends to bring depressions over the country. However, change in wind direction is crucial - bring it round to a southerly off the continent and the south can become hot very quickly.