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Warner Bros. Studios (Harry Potter) no longer selling tickets

So I've been stalking the WB site for a while since we have mid-July tickets (that I bought ages ago) for their refund policy. For the longest time, they had canceled thru May 31 and the update hadn't changed. Logged on today to read this:

We have decided to temporarily suspend ticket sales for the remainder of 2020 due to the current level of uncertainty regarding when visitor attractions will be able to re-open and the number of visitors that we will be able to welcome at that point. This decision has been made to minimise any further disruption to bookings and to ensure that we can adapt the Tour with reduced visitor numbers if required.

Ouch. They are now refunding and canceling all tickets thru June 30. I had already canceled this trip, so this isn't surprising, but it seems like each day brings a new cancellation/disappointment.

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I assume it’s a relief to the poor employees who had to deal with this day in and day out. It can’t be fun to hear how you’re ruining a child’s life because s/he can’t go to Harry Potter.

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If the trip is already cancelled, it’s not another disappointment. Yes, it’s another cancellation. It would be more disappointing if your trip was cancelled and they were opening!

It’s no surprise that they aren’t taking bookings until 2021. Attractions are going to have to operate very differently for some time, as and when (and in some instances - if) they reopen. I have a friend who is currently furloughed who works for Chester Zoo designing and building animal enclosures. Although they may open later this year with reduced numbers of visitors and social distancing, her job isn’t going to be back until 2021 she has been told.

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Seems like a responsible move. It would be more disappointing to actually get a ticket and then be told "well because we can only take half the guests we used to, you just got cancelled".

Which Harry Potter venue are you referencing? The HP play in NYC? Universal Studios, Florida - HP attraction?
The HP play in NYC has been shut-down until November. No surprise. That particular cancellation affected us. But, we got a ticket refund - so, no issues.

Orlando, Florida theme parks in general are still shut-down. It could be quite a while before they reopen. Big economic issue for Florida - especially Orlando area.

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Which Harry Potter venue are you referencing?

Since the OP stated it was the Warner Bros. Harry Potter, and was posted in the England forum, I would have thought it was intuitively obvious.

Sad to see that they will have to close for such an extended period, but it's the only rational choice. It's good to know that they are issuing refunds.