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Thanks Laurel and all for settling the sandals issue. Since you are going at the same time I can't resist asking what will be in your suitcase, since I have never been to England . I am going to be in England and France for 2 weeks and plan to travel with a carry-on wheeled suitcase and shoulder bag. I know I will need a jacket but how heavy?
Thanks - your advice helps make a difference for lots of travelers!!!

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Layer, layer, layer. Jacket wouldn't need to be heavy but would help if it was waterproof. I'll let the other women who will be there at the same time chime in about their packing lists.

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In early September you shouldn't need a heavy jacket. It can rain any time of year, so an unlined waterproof jacket is a good ideal. Mine covers my backside and has a hood. For warmth a sweater should be enough. You can layer it under the jacket if you get cold.

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Agree - I would either not take a jacket, or take only the lightest of jackets. Also agree about layers. England and France can be steamy summer hot in September, or down in the 50s (still mild). At that time of year I would pack for warm-to-mild late summer/early autumn weather, and make sure I had a cardigan and light wind cheater or waterproof jacket (something that folds up small) as a layering piece for if it gets chilly/raining. I'd also include a light sundress and/or sleeveless t-shirts + skirt or shorts in lightweight cotton, just in case it turns HOT.

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Agree with all of the above. Keep the layers light. If the weather turns cold one day, you can simply wear all of them.

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And if it turns REALLY cold, you can buy another sweater. Another souvenir! (I got mine on a rainy cold day in Scotland during the "summer".

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Well, I'm packing a little differently this year since 11 days of our trip will be spent walking the Cotswolds Way. I always take a waterproof hooded raincoat that covers my backside. Mine is black from LLBean. Usually everything I take has to match and I take a lot of black and white plus one other color. I'm taking a light weight hoodie as well. One year I bought a vest (waistcoat) in Hawkshead. A great souvenir. My every day purse (by HOBO) is small, crossbody and I can wear it under my coat.