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Walks With My Dog TV Series

Watching Season 1 via Acorn TV and throughly enjoying each episode.

About ready to watch writer Ben Fogle and his dog Storm travel on the coast of Kent, actress Sarah Parish and her family dog Pig on the New Forest coast and comedian Bill Bailey with his rescue dog Louie exploring peaks in the Lake District.

Each episode in the series has different talent and their dogs, exploring differs parts of the UK.

Highly recommend viewing!

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This is nice to hear, Claudia. Thanks for sharing this. I have to wonder, though, is there anybody, anywhere, who’s named a pig “Dog?”

And does Sarah Parish’s dog have a curly tail? Or a pushed-in muzzle?

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This is a very pleasant British series. You can get to episodes through your Amazon membership, and they probably also live on Youtube somewhere.

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We enjoyed this series as well. We watched it on Curiosity Stream. Acorn TV is another option.

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Just went to download as it sounded lovely and realised it was from 2018! Not available. Pity

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Thanks Claudia! I had no idea there was such a delightful program.
I'm really looking forward to viewing all the episodes.

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Thanks for the tip Claudia!! I'm really looking forward to watching the series.