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We have booked several tours through their website The tours cost about 15# for seniors like us. We pay guide for the tour at the time of the tour. Do we also tip the guide? In cash? The guides do carry a machine for credit cards too.


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We tipped £1-2 per person at the end of the tour with coins.

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I have never tipped on a London Walks.

They are very good, by the way.

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When I went on one last May I was able to use their contactless terminal with ApplePay and then the guide was off quickly after the walk so no way to have tipped even if I'd wanted to.

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I was on one in December and did not tip.
I would have, but at the end , most of the group decided to go into an ancient tiny noisy pub.
It was so packed I couldn’t even see the guide, let alone fight the crowd to get near to him.
I hadn’t wanted to go into the pub, so after trying to look over and through all the bodies, I left on my own.

London Walks are great, as are Paris Walks.