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Walking with Luggage from London Bridge Station

Google Maps says that it is less than a 10 minute walk to my Air BnB (in Bermondsey) near White Cube from London Bridge Station. But if the three of us have luggage, is it really walkable? Are there sidewalks? Is it safe?

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Walking should be no problem at all. I have found Google's walking-time estimates to be based on a 20-minute mile, which is just a bit slower than my walking pace, but you will spend time waiting for "Walk" lights at intersections, so it will work out about right. I do allow a bit of extra time if I am pulling a suitcase.

I've walked along St. Thomas Street many times, most recently less than 2 months ago. It is fine. I'm not sure I've walked SE on Bermondsey St, but I've walked around the area quite a bit. It felt totally safe to me. There will certainly be sidewalks. Occasionally in any city you may have to cross the street to use the sidewalk on the other side because of construction. You may or may not run into that on this particular walk.

The trickiest thing about the walk will almost certainly be locating the best exit from the train station if there is more than one. I have learned to open the electronic map on my cell phone as I approach a city so it can accurately mark my location when I step off the train. I then use the little blue dot to navigate to the most convenient exit for my destination. If you walk out of the station on the north side (assuming that is possible), you may walk a considerable extra distance to get around the exterior of the station.

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Is it safe?

Bermondsey is much more gentrified now than in former days.

Then again I might not want to walk it in the late night. Especially if you have just come off a transatlantic flight.

Don't go wandering into any council estates.

Are there sidewalks?

Pavements, we call them. If you are in Google Maps as you reference, turn on the little yellow man and use the streetview facility to "walk" your journey. Yes, mostly.

But if the three of us have luggage, is it really walkable?

How much luggage? How heavy and clumsy relative the people dragging it?

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On Google maps have you tried street view? You can take a virtual walk online from LB station to your destination, you'll see the streets and pavements, (sidewalks) best if you put in the destination postcode.

White Cube shows as a commercial art gallery.

until recently my nephew lived 10 minutes walk from LB station, there is a lot of social housing locally, but the area is alway busy even late on and my nephew never had any problems,
there are late opening convenience stores, the station is a big transport hub and has been completely redeveloped, the station exit I used was right by the Shard entrance and Guys Hospital, the Shard is huge and distinctive landmark, you'll always find the station.

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apropos of nothing, pure trivia,

Bermondsey was where my grandfather's grandfather walked to from Birmingham in the mid 19th century. Work had dried up in Birmingham and he walked with everything he had on his back down the towpath of the canal all the way to London and he got a job as a horse tram driver in Bermondsey.

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Walkable, sure. Only danger for North Americans is crossing intersections where the traffic will come at you from the other direction. But three people with luggage will be easily accommodated in a spacious London taxi and you can divide the fare, no tip, between three.

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Yes - as long as your luggage has good strong wheels. The sidewalks in that area are relatively smooth and you should have no issues. It's a safe area.

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It's perfectly do-able. I walked from the Borough High Street PI to the coffee shop with the unprintable name in Bermondsey a couple of times last month.