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Walking Tour of Bath - Recommendations


I would like to do a day trip to Bath from London. I understand the train is the best way to get there, but I would like a good walking tour of the city while there. Any recommendations for operators? Cheers, Melissa

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borths, there is a free walking tour that is perfectly fine to take. I believe it departs a couple of times daily from in front of the Roman baths area. I'm sorry I don't have a link for you.

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Yep, train is the best way to get there from London.
Many here DIY in Bath. All the signs are in English, and the Roman baths have especially large collection of interpretive signs, so don't know if you need to spend the money for a tour.
There are the Roman baths (Bath?) and the architecture of the buildings. The church/cathedral is historic, I think.

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I’ve done several walking tours of Bath. The first one I did was with Sue and she was excellent. In fact the day I toured with her the group included a Blue Badge guide from London as well as another Bath tour guide.

The next walk was thru the Jane Austen Centre and it was very good. They do not run all the time so you’d have to check on dates if you’re interested. By the way, the actual Jane Austen Centre is not worth the cost.

I’ve seen the Free Mayor’s tours and the groups I’ve noted were very large (30 or so) so consider that.

I quite enjoyed the walking tours. I find a lot of interesting things to see in Bath and each guide adds something different.

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We did a nice free walking tour then went back and visited the Roman Bath Museum and Cathedral.

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I'd also recommend the free walking tour. Gives you a nice overview of the historic centre and focuses other than just Austen.