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Visit to Windsor Castle during Heathrow layover

My husband and I will be arriving at Heathrow at 8 a.m. on a Sunday. Our next flight is not until 4:25 p.m. We know this is not enough time to go into London, but I've heard that visits to Windsor Castle are very do-able during long Heathrow layovers. I assume there are drivers and tour companies at Heathrow offering this kind of thing. Where, at the airport, are they located? Can anyone recommend a particular tour company? Is it just as easy, and far less expensive, to use public transportation, and if so, where is the bus located? What time should we leave Windsor Castle to avoid any risk of missing our flight?

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There are regular bus services from terminals 1,2,3 (all from the central bus station) & 5, although the frequency may be a bit sparser on a Sunday.

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Taxi is another option but obviously more expensive than the bus, no tours from Heathrow that I'm aware of.

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Take a taxi into Windsor, it's a 15 minute ride. You don't need a tour guide. Windsor is a small town. Have the driver let you out at the castle. When you exit the castle there is a great pub across the street you can get some thing to eat. I would leave Windsor by 2pm. After you tour the castle and have lunch if you have time you could walk down to Windsor Great Park. To get there (a 5 minute walk) you would walk to the main road, stay on the same side of the road as the castle and turn left, just walk down the road and it takes you right to the park. Enjoy Windsor.

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I just had a 12 hour layover and went to Windsor about three weeks ago. The only thing I could add is that you should buy your tickets to the castle online in advance. The line was very long to purchase tickets and getting them beforehand will save you a lot of time.