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Virgin Trains East Coast

So news has broken that the operator for Virgin Trains East Coast may end up handing the franchise back as they've generated a huge amount of losses from overbidding for the contract. This continues a proud tradition of East Coast Mainline operators being unable to fulfil contracts. Fool me once and all that...

For those who have VTEC tickets booked, do not worry. The trains will operate one way or another. The government has intervened before to keep the line running and will certainly do so again.

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It's another fine mess.

As I understand it Stagecoach (who seem to be the actual operators under the Virgin flag) put in what turns out to be too lower a bid for the franchise on the understanding that there would be upgrades to the line, which haven't taken place, so the situation isn't entirely black and white, although in my opinion it's a pretty dark shade of grey.

Presumably the service will continue to run unperturbed to the casual observer and more importantly, passenger, as it did last time this happened when LNER went belly up. I hope so as I have tickets to travel to London on the line in the next couple of weeks!

Hopefully the only change we'll notice is when they waste a load of money repainting the rolling stock at our expense! Again!


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and every time they have it under direct government control it generates piles of cash (twice recently). watch this space

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Stagecoach paid more to the government in 2 years than DOR did altogether. Sounds like overpaying to me ...

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So, GNER, NXEC, DOR, VTEC and now DOR (again).

Someone must have put a curse on that line. Which is apt as you can carbon date the first two Harry Potter films as there are GNER trains at London Kings Cross.