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villages around Berwick upon Tweed

In looking at maps and trying to figure this out, I'm not seeing any small villages close to Berwick upon Tweed. I want to go to Berwick, and we will have a car that we will rent there. Don't want to drive too far but would like to go to a few small villages. Also, have any of you been to Berwick? If yes, is it worth a visit? We love history, and it seemed to me this would be worth visiting. Thanks.

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Bamburgh, Holy Island and Seahouses are the most popular destinations in that neck of the woods - it's only about 30mins drive away. The most popular attraction in Northumberland is Alnwick because of The Franchise That Shall Not Be Named, but the town it shares a train station with, Alnmouth, is one of my favourites in the area. If you want you can ditch the car and get the train between the two.

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Up the coast there is St Abbs, Coldingham, Eyemouth, Burnmouth.

Inland there’s Norham and the ruined castle. Visit Paxton House, go down to Etal

Flodden Field?

Lots to see in Berwick

There’s the Chain Bridge

There’s loads to see!

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Thanks to both of you! I will check these destinations out. We did the (to be named: Harry Potter castle) last year - nice! Thank you!!

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The best source of information about the area is the Undiscovered Scotland website (which also covers Northumberland....) start with the map and click on the names for text pages with lots of information and pictures.

Ramblin’ on has already mentioned many of my favourite places. If visiting the Chain Bridge, also go to the Honey Farm.

There is also Chillingham Castle which is completely different to anywhere else you might visit. A sense of humour comes in handy... See my description with lots of pictures here.

It also has a very good tea room!

Wooler is also worth visiting.

There are two good reviews about Berwick upon Tweed here. I always enjoy visiting. Walk around the Elizabethan Walls and consider a visit to the Barracks.

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne has already been mentioned. This is reached by a tidal causeway so check safe crossing times here. The tide comes in very quickly and don’t be tempted to risk crossing outside these times unless you want to get stranded in several feet of salt water...

Seashouses is the start point for boat trips to the Farne Islands. There are two companies running trips.