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Venues for Northern Soul All-Nighters/All-Dayers?

I'm planning a trip to the UK within the next year or so (a rather large blowout for me.) Recently I became very interested in the Northern Soul subculture in the Midlands and the North of England, and I'm rather keen to check out its revival there. Are there any clubs/halls/venues in the North where one can reliably plan to be there for a Northern Soul dance event? If so, how open are they to the one-off appearance from someone outside the region?

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A recent film you may have come across was released in UK about Northern Soul which although not widely distributed was very well reviewed see link

I am not from the north and don't have any personal experience of any venues but I did find this site which might be a starting point

If you search the BBC radio website you may find some features linked to the release of the film to give more leads.

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Thanks so much! Definitely going to keep an eye on that site for events closer to my planned trip dates. Perhaps our intrepid host might consider an episode of the Peak District/Midlands to include his participation in such a gig! 8)