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using contactless credit card for two people on tube

my husband and i are going to london in October. Tube questions:
1. does a credit card cap your daily amount like the oyster card?
2. can a credit card be used for 2 people (tickets) at once or do you need 2 different credit cards?
3. i take it you tap in and then tap out, same as oyster?

so essentially my question is what do you do for 2 people? i know if you have oyster cards each person needs one. thank you-annfloam

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Just came back from London where we needed to set up 2 accounts at to link each of our cc to contactless payments. Yes you tap in and out on the Underground. On busses you only tap once when you enter. Yes there is a cap, the same as an Oyster card so you won’t see your cc expenditures on your statement until the end of the day. Be sure the card each of you registers has No Foreign Transaction Fees. Be sure your card is contactless, can be tapped. The card I chose hadn’t been used in awhile so I needed to insert it in a different sales point first, then I was good to go with tapping for the rest of the trip. I chose a credit card that has no ties to any of our online banking in case I lost or dropped the card.

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Just a personal note re: Oyster vs Credit/Debit usage for London public transport.

For me I always use an Oyster Card for a few simple reasons.

1.) I’d freak out if I lost the CC or Debit Card.

2.) Can carry an Oyster card holder which is easy to keep in pocket or purse.

This what I mean by card holder:

Again, simply my preference.

Bought my holder a decade ago from the gift store in the British Library.

October is a good month to visit London. Do check the Londonist, A Lady in London, London X London and Eater London websites to see what might be happening during your travel dates.

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thank you husband just pointed out that i do tend to lose things (alot) so maybe oyster is the way to go.

enjoy this forum and have learned alot-along with the other websites, youtube videos, and podcasts you have mentioned.

one thing a friend of mine mentioned in trip planning that i had not thought of is to look and see when the London school holidays were and work around those. she went when they were out of school and had a hard time getting in some places it was so crowded.

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Half term in many schools in October is the last week of October - this year.

Some schools have different calendars so some could be the week before or the week after.

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Yes daily cap applies when using a contactless credit card. Each person needs their own card. I don’t know if 2 cards with same underlying account would work. Tap in and out as with an Oyster card.

Not sure why the traveler above needed to register their CC but I haven’t needed to. And you can pay by phone or some watches.

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I can only agree that yes, you each need your own card...or actually device. For example if you have a watch in addition to your phone, to get on you each need a separate device/card, plus you must tap in and out on the same tap in with watch, tap out with watch, your phone is not the same.

I can't verify, but believe that each of your phones could reference the same card, if you are using cards on the same account, I would verify that they have different card numbers to be safe.