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Understanding Train Tickets

I want to buy "off peak" and also "anytime" train tickets from National Rail. When I try to buy "anytime" tickets which are good all day, it shows that I have to pick a time to leave & return. Will these times which I assume will be printed on the tickets prevent me from using them at a different hour than what it shows?

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You won't be restricted to a particular train with these tickets regardless of what the website is asking you to do. You can also buy these tickets at the station on the day - same cost.

If you give a time for Anytime or Off-Peak you can often also get a seat reservation for that train - but you don't have to use that particular train. However you need to have a good grasp of what other trains your ticket allows you to use. If you pick off-peak, make sure you check - I think some train companies offer a "other trains I can use" function. Off-peak timings vary from route to route & company to company.

Picking a time is a way of ensuring that you pay the right amount (e.g. Whether you're travelling peak or off-peak).

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If you don't think you want to travel on a particular train, don't select the option of a seat reservation.

There are no times printed on the tickets themselves in general, as reservations are still separate.

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just make sure that you haven't accidentally fallen into an Advance ticket. Advance ones do require travel on a specific train and are valueless on any others, and specifying the time and date gets the offer on a specific train. Advance tickets do need to be purchased in advance but it is a silly name to use - but that's what the government calls it. If you buy an Anytime or Off-Peak before you get to the station that will also be in advance, but not called an Advance ticket.

Make any sense?