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UK Transport Secretary regarding foreign travel

The following is a BBC interview with the British Transport Secretary on foreign travel. It is about travel outside the UK for residents of Britian. But before Americans can travel to the UK, it's people will more than likely be allowed to travel out.

Too much information--and too complicated--to try to summarize here. But here goes....before Americans can travel to the UK without quarantine, we would have to qualify for their "green light" category. We have a ways to go. No word on any special rules for people who are vaccinated. Reviews of these rules will take place on June 28, Jul 31 and October 1 at the latest. This is just for England. However, this can still change at any time.

Remember, also, that the UK is no longer a part of the EU and EU rules don't apply.

BBC News - Covid-19: People can start thinking about foreign travel - Shapps

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It's Grant Shapps therefore if his lips are moving then he's lying. The travel advice from the British Government changes on a daily basis, they seem very averse to commitment. One minute we can go on holiday from May 31st then we're told not to expect a summer holiday this year then we're told that August would probably be OK and on top of that we have ever changing rules on quarantine, vaccination requirements, Covid tests etc.

The US has been touted as being one of the few countries on the Green List from the outset and I see no reason for that to change, there's clearly been a lot of work in the background to ensure that travel opens up between the US and UK as soon as possible however what the requirements will be in terms of tests, vaccination proof etc is anyone's guess.

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The posted article also mentions the importance of genomic sequencing if travel to a country is to be opened up, though without quantifying how much would be expected. The US has lagged in that. The current administration has reportedly budgeted funds to increase sequencing, but I don't know how much or how rapidly.

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Only one country is officially on the green list--Ireland.

But there is a lot of push from the private sector to put the USA on the list. Time will tell what the rules will actually be.

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The USA has 47% of its people over 18 with one vaccine and 29% fully vaccinated. Almost 80% of people over 65 have at least one dose and 62.5% are fully vaccinated.
By mid-July, it is likely that everyone in the USA that wants a vaccine will be fully vaccinated (likely excepting children). Also, herd immunity is possible with about 10% having tested for the virus and up to 30% asymptomatic.

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Our plan C is a drive around southern England for three weeks beginning June 14. If that doesn't happen, we also have reservations for two weeks beginning July 31. Nearly everything can be cancelled if needed. We're stockpiling flight vouchers from British Airways that are good until April 2023.