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UK Planning to Relax Quarantine Rules for Some Countries in Early July

[This was originally posted prematurely in incomplete form. Sorry.]

The BBC website has an article, dated June 19, with potentially encouraging news for folks hoping to visit the UK from some countries in Europe. It's a bit vague, and the degree to which individual statements are related is not totally clear to me, but I think this is a fair summary; I encourage everyone to read it for themselves. I don't want to quote big chunks due to copyright limitations.

The UK is planning to relax the quarantine requirements for some countries in early July. It is talking to Portugal, France, Italy, Greece and Spain. There may be a June 29 announcement on "travel corridors", meaning that people travelling between the countries would not have to self-isolate. The effective date might be as early as July 4.

People arriving from other destinations will still be required to quarantine, and a senior aviation source said that requirement could continue through the summer for visitors from countries not part of one of the UK travel corridors.

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20780 posts has posted an updated article or relaxation of travel bans, but there doesn't seem much new in it:

The article still refers to discussions with Portugal, France, Italy, Greece and Spain about possible 'travel corridors' or 'air bridges'. However, it mentions concern about Portugal due to an outbreak in the Lisbon area.

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This is from the BBC today
The list of travel corridors with the UK is due to be published next week and is expected to include Spain, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Turkey, Germany and Norway - but not Portugal or Sweden.
I’m afraid there’s no way the US will be on that list.

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UK placed the US on its "Red List".

England unlocks travel with 59 countries -- but not the US
Nada Bashir and Amy Woodyatt, CNN • Published 3rd July 2020

(CNN) — England has unlocked travel to and from 59 countries by
lifting quarantine requirements, but visitors from the United States
will still be subject to restrictions, the UK government said Friday.

'Red list'

The United States was not included in this list of "travel corridors,"
meaning its travelers will have to self-isolate for 14 days after
entering the UK. This follows a decision earlier in the week by the
European Union to omit the United States from its list of nations
approved for entry.

The UK government is expected to designate the United States as a "red
list" travel destination over concerns that it has a "very high"
infection rate, UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said Friday.