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UK entry requirements for convicted felons US citizens

I have a friend who wants to go with me to England.
He is a convicted felon US citizen, with 5 years imprisonment. He was sentenced in 1999 I think.
Can he enter UK?

Thank you.

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New rules from April. There was a long thread about someone being refused entry but the thread got sidetracked and seems to have been removed.
The best advice is to get it from the British Embassy, but even then, be prepared for an uncertain plan. What seems to have come up on the other thread is whether the travel partner gets sufficient information of what is happening.

Ensure that you have all you need to know - tickets, reservations, etc - should you decide to continue your travel without him.
You also want to ensure you have reviewed any travel insurance policy you buy whether a decision to abort the trip is covered or not. Chances are it wouldn't be covered.

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A sentence of four or more years in prison normally renders the person concerned inadmissible for entry to the UK for life. The exceptions relate to human rights circumstances and whether it was for something that is not a crime in the UK.