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UK England, Wales, Scotland 14 day trip Late September 2021

I know I rail against the wind. but how realistic is this trip we have planned? I am fine with trip plans , but what do you think we would encounter? Museums open? Mask requirements? We are all (5) vaccinated seniors travelling 3/4 car and 1/4 by rail.
Just wonder what experienced travelers on this site think. Thank you for your opinion and thoughts.


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If it was up to the science, then you would be o.k. So realistically . . .

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I would expect all attractions to be open.

I would plan for the possibility of still wearing masks indoors i.e. museums, shops, public transport. These might be lifted, but who knows for sure? Masks are not compulsory outdoors.

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Theatres may or may not be open, as socially distancing means that most productions are not financially viable.

We have been told that masks indoors and on public transport are here to stay for some time. Social distancing will also continue and hence numbers will be restricted in museums, restaurants etc. Unless we have another spike due to Covid variants that our vaccinations don’t cover, I would anticipate that hotels will be open. International transcontinental flights may have resumed.

We have been told not to expect any foreign travel, so people have been booking staycations, so prices may have increased significantly and supply maybe limited.

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I am thinking most places will be open, maybe still timed tickets and some restrictions. I just read that United will have a direct flight to Dubrovnik, 3x a week from Newark airport. This is new and a positive step towards the world opening.
PS. Shows in NY are scheduled to open in September

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The National Trust UK Portal mentioned above is great for checking what is open to view in real time. Most gardens are open, but not the actual houses. If you like to enjoy scenic walks, a lot of National Trust sites have maps that show paths that go thru the castle gardens, and trails though the woods, by lakes and water powered mills, etc. September usually has the best weather. Even tho the gardens are open you still need to make timed reservations. Masks will be required if you are around other people. You won't need a car in London obviously, but I recommend a vehicle for the rest of the trip. You can make a circle tour up one side and down the other in your time frame if you just want to sample the highlights. I feel that you would enjoy your trip more, if you did England and Wales this time and save Scotland for another time when more will be open there.

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I agree with others who feel you're trying to cover too much territory in too few days, Covid restrictions aside. Will you really get a sense of being in your chosen places, or just whizzing through?

Especially with a group of 5 people, I predict you will move more slowly than what you're imagining. One member of your party or another will need an extra restroom break, or want to stop and take photos, or get busy shopping and forget the time. An itinerary with more "air" in it will tend to minimize fatigue and interpersonal tensions so that you'll all enjoy the trip and come away with happy memories.

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As for COVID19, your trip is not impossible, but unlikely.

In any event, should you be able to travel to the UK, I highly recommend that you reduce the scope of your travels.

In 2017, we did South Wales and England in 28 days. Originally, we planned to go to Scotland as well. We have been to the UK several times and love it immensely, but there is always more to see.

We rented a car the entire trip and stayed away from major cities. Cardiff and York were are largest cities. We stayed at either B&Bs or small hotel near city or town center and booked places that had parking for our vehicle. Parking is a huge issue in these historical cites and towns with narrow streets and little parking.

If you plan to visit London, Edinburgh, etc. don't rent a car for that.

Here is my 28 day review with details on our trip including lodging, tours and travel. If driving, make sure you get a nav system on the vehicle.
28 days in Britain and Celebrity Eclipse home

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Hi Mike,

As you are planning on 3 of the 4 home Nations this September I wanted to say that at the moment travel is permitted (with restrictions which are currently easing) between these three.

All 4 Nations run their own quarantine and movement restriction orders separately in response to the Covid situation as they see it and as is politically expedient in each Nation.

Not long ago, a couple of weeks, it was forbidden to cross in or out of Wales or Scotland from England. At the moment travel is permitted over the border but of course restrictions could be reimposed at any time and with little notice in some cases, although the England government (in Parliament, under Boris) often moves glacially and then out of the blue pounces.

It would be worth having a "Plan B" and probably a "Plan C" particularly as you intend crossing into all three Nations....

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HI Mike, I have a trip planned for September myself. Currently Boris Johnson has said he will discuss international travel and how its going to open around May 17th. Most of the big attractions in london websites are saying that they expect to open May 17th. The UK seems to happy with the US's push to vaccinate and its speculated that we will be given a green designation (so I'm hopeful that September will be possible). However besides a current vaccination document we may also need to do a covid test before flying. I'm taking a "wait and see" attitude - any hotel reservations I make for September will be cancellable ones.