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UK Announces Plans for 14-Day Quarantine Effective June 8

The UK has released some details about the impending (beginning June 8) 14-day quarantine that will be required of most arrivals in the UK: There are exceptions for those coming in from Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands as well as for a few categories of essential workers. The plan will be reviewed every three weeks. It sounds as if there may later be a possibility of exceptions for arrivals from other origins, but there's no clue as to how soon that might happen.

Those quarantining are not supposed to go out to buy food, etc., "where they can rely on others". Enforcement of the requirement will be via spot checks and £1,000 fines.

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"Too little too late"

Utter nonsense. No point having a specific quarantine for arrivals when most were supposed to be self-isolating in any case and hardly anyone was arriving anyway. It only makes sense once locals' movements are opening up and, in due course, they're returning from their own holidays and more foreigners are arriving as well.

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"Utter nonsense."

Au contraire

Should have been in February

For everyone

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It does seem a strange thing to be instituting now.

Anyway a fascinating decision to keep an eye on.

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It kinda seems like a political ploy, ‘Look, we’re doing something!!’

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It is an effective way to ban travelers from the United States without having to directly say so...... very few overseas travelers have the time and resources to quarantine 14 days and then take their vacations.

I saw news coverage of the crowds at U.K. beaches over the bank holiday weekend and was glad the US isn’t the only place struggling with people not following recommendations. I can see why they don’t want to add even more people to the mix.

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It’s not a ban on US citizens - it also applies to all Europeans too except for the Irish. Until the policy changes again. Probably today!

There have been over 100,000 arrivals going through U.K. airports since the lockdown started and they should have been quarantined. I arrived back into the UK from Sri Lanka via Dubai on 16 May, a week before lockdown. I had no health advice or temperature checks and I wasn’t told to self isolate for 14 days (which I did). I think I may have developed Covid symptoms 5 days later, despite wearing a mask throughout the journey and disinfecting everything in sight. If other passengers on those flights didn’t self isolate, hundreds could have been infected. As I said, too little too late.

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Definately closing the gate after the horse has bolted.
Bailiwick of Guernsey has had the two week quarantine in place for the last two months for everone coming in, including Jersey and Uk and are nearly at the stage of erradicating the virus. No new cases for 22 days and only 2 currant cases. Island wide support for the measures as well.

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Most US states as of 23 May have opened up significantly and nearly all of those states have shown a further decline in cases and fatalities.

Here in Georgia, we opened up about 10 days ago and numbers are looking better. In our county, all the new cases have turned out to not require hospitalization. The health department has plenty of tests, if you need one.

If you go to a shop, store or pharmacy, you see nearly everyone wearing masks. We live on the Atlantic Ocean coast and our beaches are open with great success in social distancing.

Restaurants are generally open at 50% capacity with social distancing.

Seniors with underlying conditions and nursing homes have strict rules, as they should be to protect those at risk for fatality.

A few states still have restrictions that amaze me. People have been arrested for cutting their grass. In some states you can't even walk your dog, even with a mask. One church was fined for having a service with people still in their cars, separated for sure.

We were told that we had to flatten the curve. We did that, but this isn't over and few people are getting on airplanes. We had some trips planned this year, but cancelled them. Our July Safari in East Africa will be in 2021. Foreign travel is too complicated these days. We have a cruise planned for October 2021, but don't plan on that prior to then.

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So a whole 14 day period will have elapsed before the actual quarantine period becomes in effect. A pre-quarantine quarantine could identify people who developed symptoms during that time. Maybe that’s giving residents one last chance to get home, before June 8. But just as someone might be symptom-free today, even with careful procedures, tomorrow might bring about a sudden infection, and apparently having a 14 day incubation period is a way to determine whether someone’s in the clear. Timely or not, all one can do is move forward from here. So people can participate in the 14 day wait-and-see quarantine, then try to remain healthy from that point forward. Other people’s behavior seems to have an effect, so it only works if everybody’s following procedures. Better late than never, even if it’s too late for many.

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"It is an effective way to ban travelers from the United States without having to directly say so"

There is an element of truth to the above, because only the US has an infection rate per capita of population that is close to the UK's - it therefore deters US citizens travelling without naming the US specifically and any irrational retaliatory ire from you know who. It also begs the question who is this measure it actually protecting, given the UK's infection rate?

Even the Government's own MPs and ministers are hardly in favour, one calling it 'daft' another saying 'right measure, wrong time'.

It'll be played down and wither on the vine and be a memory come August.