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über in England?

A friend said Uber was great for getting around in England, has anyone else tried it? Is it reliable in areas outside London like Bath, Cottswolds, Glastonbury, Salisbury?

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I'm hoping you will get answers to this. I had previously looked up the possibility of taking Uber from York to Castle Howard and it was listed as a possibility with the fee. I hope others will talk about their experiences.

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if you don't want a knowledgeable taxi driver, we have minicabs in every large and tiny town, reliable, with local knowledge and reasonable fares..... no need for big business and big data putting locals out of business and popping in "surge pricing" when they want to...... and they are only in isolated areas (long may that continue)

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Uber greatly divides opinion in the UK (it mainly exists in cities), I personally wouldn't use it on principle, when there are so many Hackney Cabs and Private Hire car companies (minicabs) I don't feel I need to.

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Agree with Nigel and harleydonski. I use black cabs or local minicabs - they are reasonably priced and knowledgeable - they have a tough time and I want to support them.

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We just got back from London and Paris and used Uber in both places. We were a party of five and it was extremely hard to find a taxi in either city for five people.

In London, it was rarely faster to take Uber than to take public transportation. We only did it on occasion to save my mom from walking up and down so many steps at the Tube stations.

We took a taxi in Salisbury from the train station to the cathedral. That was a good experience.

We took a taxi from the train station in Paris and that was a very interesting experience that I do not want to repeat. We should have just split into two groups and taken two taxis there.

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I know that a party of five can use a black cab, we've done it before.

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I have been wondering something similar - not so much with Uber, but getting around in general. As someone from the USA, the thought of renting a car in the UK is very unnerving. The transit in most major cities looks great, but we have a few days in North Wales that will be tricky. Is it possible to get a cab or a driver for a trip or a day, but not a tour guide?


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Scrapper, you may want to post this on the Wales forum to get more information. We were there recently, but had a car, so didn't pay much attention to public transport, although I know it is available.

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For a driver in North Wales you could get in touch with local tourist boards to see if they can recommend anyone and ask the question on the Wales board of Tripadvisor.