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Two nights in London and an early morning flight from Gatwick...Where to Stay?


My wife and I are staying in London for two nights on our way to Germany and Italy. We have an early morning flight from Gatwick to Germany on Easy Jet. I'd like to show her the sights in London but don't want to spend the majority of our day in transit. Any suggestions on where to stay that is close to the major sights but still reasonable to catch transportation for an early morning flight to Gatwick airport. Also does anybody know if Easy Jet flies out of the North or South terminal? Thank you, LT.

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Easy jet operates from both terminals at Gatwick:

North Terminal: All domestic flights and all flight numbers beginning with the number 8: Zone G and H.
South Terminal: All flight numbers beginning with the number 5: Zone C.

As to where to stay, maybe somewhere near to a station with service to Gatwick, eg Victoria or Bloomsbury?

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the Gatwick Experss runs out of Victoria Station. Depending on how "early" your flight leaves, will depend on how early you need to be at the station.

I usually base myself near Victoria since i try to use Gatwick. However, i found that using the tube in London is easy and make life great to get around. You dont see whats up top, but i will leave that for busses and walking. To me, everything i saw when i was there for 4 full days, was spreadout enough i used the tube more for speed and then walked around or to the next site or back to my lodging. Also, i consider Victoria a "hub" for the tube. you can go N,E,S or W from that station. If it isnt a direct line to where you want to go, it wont be far for a transfer stop.

as far as which terminal EJ flys out of is sort of moot. The people mover from both terminals makes it a no brainer and it doesnt take that much time.

happy trails.

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Gatwick Express to Victoria Station and a taxi to nearby hotel. I've stayed at the Sanctuary House Hotel which is only about 3 blocks from Westminster Abbey.
An alternative could be the 1st night in London and the 2nd at Gatwick. 2nd day: check your luggage at Victoria Station, sightsee all day and then head to LGW in the evening. There's a Marriott Courtyard about a 10 minute walk from the South Terminal entrance and it's half the cost (or less) of a similar hotel in the city.

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We are doing a similar trip and are staying near Victoria station due to the ease of getting to Gatwick on the train. Many of the hotels Rick Steves suggests were booked, but we were able to book one. We will be going after you so I won't be able to report whether the hotel was nice or not!

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Colin - ON. Canada.- Ex-Brit.
We recently stayed at the Comfort Inn close to Victoria Station about 125 yards from the Gatwick Train. We booked a return ticket so that we wouldn't have the bother of buying twice and it's cheaper.

Victoria has Underground(Subway) station, which will enable to get around to anywhere you want to go.

Don't take a cab from Victoria if you have Wheely suitcases, because the 1 way system makes the cabby just drive around a short block. My wife and I took only 10 minutes when we were leaving the hotel to reach the station and Gatwick Express entrance.
If you want to check out other hotels,etc. Try London Town on the internet and book early as rates increase closer to the occupation date.