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Tube station with elevator or escalator near Victoria station?

What is the closest tube station to Victoria station that is either on street level or has an escalator or elevator?

Background: in 2012 I visited London during a hot July. The B&B where I was staying was mid way between the Victoria and Pimlico tube stations. Not knowing about tube stations I decided to travel from Heathrow to my destination via subway and get off at Pimlico since it might be the less busy station. When I disembarked from the subway car with 60 pounds of luggage (wheeled duffel bag and a carry on bag) I discovered that there was no elevator or escalator from this underground station. Hauling my stuff up the stairs was probably the only unpleasant part of my visit. I had visions of the wheeled bag slipping from my hand and knocking other passengers over like a bowling ball striking pins.

I will be in London in summer and will be staying in the Victoria neighborhood again, and I do not wish to relive the 2012 experience. Is there a tube station nearby that is either on street level or which has an elevator or escalator? Or is there a station farther away than walking distance but which connects to a bus that goes by the Victoria Station? Another option is to get off at one of these convenient to travelers stations and take a taxi to my destination.

Your recommendations will be helpful.


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You could take the tube to Green Park which has elevators to the surface, then a taxi to your hotel.

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The closest would be Westminster or Green Park, but neither are that close, although there are buses from Parliament Square / Whitehall down Victoria Street if you go to Westminster.

The suggested step free route by TfL is Heathrow Express / Connect to Paddington then 36/436 bus, which is maybe not that attractive, although the buses do carry on through Pimlico as well.

There is also the option of a coach to Victoria, although these don't run frequently.

Victoria station will be step free sometime within a few years; there is currently a lot of money being spent on this crowded station.

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Thanks for the comments posted so far. I will map out the distances and develop a plan one of which assumes really terrible weather on my arrival date (taxi, here I come). I was surprised to see that such a vast station as Victoria does not have an elevator or escalator. This makes life for mobility impaired individuals very difficult. I am glad that work is underway to make Victoria station stepless.

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Victoria underground station was originally opened in 1868 when accessibility was not much of a concern. It was last remodelled for the construction of the Victoria Line about 100 years later when usage of the Underground was in a long term decline and the low interchange capacity reflects that. Things are very different today, and it is costly to retrofit and keep the station open. The cost of the remodelling is approximately £500M.

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You do not mention where you will be coming from, but assuming it would be Heathrow, maybe the best option is taking the National Express Coach line. Cost is about 9 pounds, no rush to load or unload your luggage (maybe some help). Express service to the Victoria Coach Station, which is actually a couple blocks closer to most of the Victoria area hotels than the train station, takes about an hour.

More information here:

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I suppose it is inappropriate to suggest you lighten you luggage load. But that is one solution. You could take the Heathrow Express and then a taxi. It is street level at Paddington. And the cab ride would be short.

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Great suggestion to come into Paddington station. Take the Heathrow connect from Heathrow (you can get to the platform entirely by escalator and/or elevator) and once you arrive at Paddington there's a gentle ramp leading from the the train platforms to street level. Instead of a taxi, take the 36 or the 436 bus...they both go to Victoria station and you'll save a bit of money.