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Trooping the Colour

Tomorrow, Wed the 10th, my niece and I are leaving for London. When I first started making plans for this trip I decided against even being close to The Mall, St James Park, or Green Park. Well… last night I started thinking about maybe going, finding a place to stand along the route for about four hours of waiting. Or, if a lot of the citizens of London will be on the route, this might be a good time for The Tower, or the Eye. What do you think about putting the two of us in the mess of viewers? Thanks Cathy
P.S. Saturday June 13th is my birthday too

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If its something you want to see go for it, get there maybe an hour before and see how you go. If its crazy busy and you cant see anything, head off to the tower.

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How old is your niece? Is she old enough to tolerate the waiting and would she be interested? If you hesitate, you know you've got to do something else.

I can't see the lines for the other attractions you've named being a whole lot shorter than usual. It is still summer and high tourist season.

Enjoy your birthday. If you'd like to know the name of some good restaurants and/or pubs to celebrate at, feel free to PM me.

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I would wander down to The Mall & assess the situation. It certainly is a spectacle worth seeing as the Queen and other Royals (some on horseback) will all be heading from Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards Parade. After they return to Buckingham Palace, they will appear on the balcony to see the RAF fly-past.

If you find it too much, you can always wander across St.James's Park (assuming you are on the south side of The Mall) & visit Westminster Abbey etc. or take a boat downriver.

It looks like Friday 12th will have thunderstorms so hoping that they have headed north by Saturday.

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You are in route and will have a few days before the spectacle to scope the area out. You asked for an opinion so here is mine. How often do you have the opportunity to see Royalty? No one does pomp and circumstance better than the British. Think of it like going to a well organized and civil rock concert. You'll love meeting and chatting up the Brits. Its a totally fantastic way to see what HM means to them and to learn about tradition. I wouldn't miss the opportunity for anything!!! I hope you make the effort. Enjoy London! Great city!