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Trip to SE England

Can someone please help plan a week between Hastings and Canterbury? Two of us are taking the train from London to Hastings in Saturday 12 October. We want to see the re-enactment if the Battle of Hastings. Thinking two or three nights in that area, then we want to see Rye and the Seven Sisters. On 17 October, we expect to be in Canterbury for 3 nights. I have several questions and then I would love any and all advice and suggestions you can give us:
1. Should we book our nights in Hastings or Battle?
2. Is there transportation to the re-enactment, if we are staying in Hastings?
3. Is 3 nights enough in Hastings/Battle?
4. Should I rent a car for our trip to Rye and on to Canterbury?
5. Any suggestions for quirky and quaint lodgings in these towns? Rye especially.
6. What’s the name of your favorite places for oysters on the coast? We are going to make a day trip to Whitstable, while in Canterbury. Any names of local oyster gems?
7. We also want to see Dover Castle. Am I trying to do too much in one week? We can stay longer. 😀

Thank you, my traveling friends!!!

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Hello from Wisconsin,
Glad you are interested in the Battle of Hastings. If you haven't read this book, let me recommend it. 1066 The Year of the Conquest by Howarth. Available at eBay for under $5. You might spend more for a pint of Guinness. Excellent book about the year 1066 from Edward's death in early January (5?) with his burial in Westminster, to Harold being crowned same place, same date and then William being crowned in late Dec (26th?) 1066 in Westminster. William is ruthless and some say he confessed on his deathbed to lying about Edward promising him the crown. I have read a number of books about this time period, but this stands above the others.

Canterbury has been a big tourist destination since the killing in the cathedral in 1170. One day was enough for us. We trained in from London for 25 hours. It is a bit like Green Bay, WI. They have the Packers and don't expect anything else cause there ain't nuthin else. Canterbury has the cathedral famed for the murder, don't expect much more. Unless you have other places to see like Dover castle 3 days in Canterbury is too much. Plenty to poke around in Kent.
wayne iNWI

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Thank you Wisconsin! I might cut my 3 nights down to two and spend a night night or two outside of Dover or in Whitstable (for the oysters). Got any ideas for Bath or Stonehenge or any hotels or memorable places you stayed in England? Thank you!!!

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You should take a look at the Mermaid Inn in Rye if you are interested in quaint lodgings. We took the train down from London to have lunch at the Mermaid Restaurant. We wished we were staying at the inn. It looked like they had parking behind the inn. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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Hi Berry,
If you are looking for some where to stay that is handy for both Stonehenge and Bath, you can't go wrong with the Beckford Arms in Fonthill Gifford, as long as you have a car. We stayed there a few weeks ago and it was great: lovely rooms, genuine country atmosphere, lovely staff and brilliant breakfasts. Very popular with local people and not at all touristy. Stonehenge is about 30 mins drive away (we prefer Avebury, to be honest). For Bath, if you go to the Park and Ride at Odd Down you can park for free and go down to the centre of the city by bus. This avoids difficult driving and expensive car parks.
It looks like you will be travelling in the autumn so do be aware that we British like to take short weekend breaks at this time. The nicest places to stay get booked up quickly. However, if you avoid the weekends you should be able to get very good accommodation and dodge the crowds (a bit), too. I hope this helps.